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Sweet Thang

(Last Updated On: March 22, 2017)

Kristi Maier | @triadfoodies

When the sweet tooth hits, there is almost no denying it. Why should you, after all we only live once, right?

We’ve conjured up some faves of our family and friends and hope that when your craving calls out to you, this sweet list helps navigate you through the land of pastries, chocolate, cakes and confections. We are going on experience and advice only and the list is in no particular order…


West End Coffeehouse/Twin City Gelato (390 North Broad Street)

CHOW-West End Coffeehouse Brownie
If what you are craving is a brownie as big as your head, this is the place to sink right in. They’ll warm the brownie for you even. You’ll also find a small selection of desserts and flavorful house-made gelato. And we’re told to expect a new menu and new extended hours soon.

Tart Sweets (848 West 5th Street)

CHOW-Tart Sweets Dolci Dough photo cred Skyler Brown

Located in the historic Rosenbacher House, Tart Sweets is completely charming and is famous for custom cakes and desserts. But don’t miss Chelsea Tart’s beautiful macarons that come in a terrific assortment of colors and flavors. And Tart Sweets recently started offering your favorite guilty pleasure raw cookie dough that’s safe to eat. There’s a whole bar of Dolci Dough. Ice cream doughwiches, and scoops, are available now on Friday and Saturday until they run out. Jars are available all week.

Twin City Hive (301 Brookstown Avenue)

CHOW-Photo Cred Twin City Hive

TCH has been getting back into the chocolate game and the desserts are on point as well. Co-owner Terry Miller bakes the goods and the charming coffee shop and lounge can satisfy you with an after dinner dessert like layer cakes, poundcake, or cookies until 8:00pm weekdays and until 9:00pm on Friday and Saturday.

Atelier Bakery On Trade (533 North Trade Street)

CHOW-Atelier Bakery
Where do we begin? There’s just none like Pastry Chef Pablo del Valle’s French-inspired pastries. Pain au chocolate, French “Churro” (think an cinnamon/sugar croissant), fruit patisseries, lemon tarts, brownies flecked with gold leaf….it’s a truly decadent, step-into Paris experience. But for now, Atelier closes at 7:00pm so your craving may need to be catered to earlier in the day. But it’s so good when you take it home. And can we just suggest the Canelé?

Black Mountain Chocolate (732 Trade Street NW)
Chocolate made every day right here in their own factory. We highly recommend any of the delicious chocolate torts you might find in the case, macarons and any new, fun bars that Pastry Chef Tirra Cowan is creating. You’re sure to find a sweet chocolate treat with great texture that totally hits the spot. And if nothing else, take home one of the amazing chocolate bars. You can enjoy it slowly by doing your best to eat it over the course of a couple of days.

Camino Bakery (310 West Fourth Street)

CHOW-Camino Bakery Almond Torte (cred Camino)

This remains the queen of the bakeries around here based on longevity and busy-ness. Along with the daily assortment of fresh breads, Camino has awesome sweet treats like cheesecake, cookies and specialty cakes and tortes. And the fact that they stay open later than anybody else helps tremendously when your craving comes at the most inconvenient time of 9:17pm. Camino has another location in the Brookstown area at 300 S. Marshall Street that acts as the main kitchen, but closes earlier than the flagship store.

Deweys (262 S. Stratford Rd)

Dewey's Photo cred

The icon…the king. Before there was anybody there was Dewey’s and Krispy Kreme. And quite simply, If you grew up here, these treats are what you grew up with and still enjoy today. Moravian cookies, Moravian sugar cake and though Dewey’s makes it all, it’s the cake squares that keep us coming back. Specifically, the pink lemonade. And if that’s not enough, now they add that cake to ice cream.

Coming Soon…(News within the list!)

The Humble Bee Shoppe (1003 Brookstown Avenue)

CHOW-MAIN-The Humble Bee cred Joey Benedict

Coming in April to the space behind Mozelle’s, owner Brittany McGee plans to fill a niche….focusing on cookies, but in a whole new way. “People think, oh it’s just a cookie and don’t give a cookie the credit that it is due. I take a different approach and play with different flavor profiles like savory and sweet and really interesting combinations. The cookie has so much potential and hasn’t been tapped into in the Triad area.” McGee also says she plans on a menu of macarons, scones, specialty cakes, pies, galettes and her specialty muffins, including plenty of vegan and flourless options. McGee is aiming for an April opening and plans to be open five to six days a week. She says she’s quite hopeful that in a few months she can give the area something that really fills a void: late night desserts. “A big intention for me is to stay open later because I think that it’s something our community needs.”

Christina’s Dessertery (1483 River Ridge Drive, Clemmons): Gorgeous wedding and occasion cakes to be sure, but if you just need a yummy little cupcake or slice of cake in the middle of the day on the west side of Forsyth County, they can hook you up.

Cake and All Things Yummy (103 E. Mountain Street, Kernersville): Monster-size cupcakes and lovely custom cakes can be found here in the center of it all, K-Vegas. We like to get a few cupcakes between us and share them because they are so big. We highly recommend the coconut pineapple. It’s divine. The shop has recently expanded and is now open until 9pm on Saturday, which is so welcome in this town.

Amoros’s Bakery (5824 Samet Drive, High Point): Ralph Amoroso has certainly created a name for himself and his bakery in the Palladium Shopping Center as you just enter High Point. Cookies, cupcakes, cakes and more. This is one of the few bakeries that offer a plethora of choices, including cannoli…which they fill upon order. Dreamy. And folks in the Gate City can now enjoy Amoroso’s in the Guilford College area as well. Both locations are open until 9pm.

The Baker and the Bean (433 Spring Street, Morehead Foundry)

CHOW-The Baker and the Bean photo cred Baker and Bean

You can order custom cakes here as well and you’ll see a nice selection of cakes available by the slice, macarons, cupcakes and ice cream. There’s not a whole lot of seating but the spot is right next door to burgers and finer dining so it’s a great choice after your meal and if you feel like staying late, you make your way to the back of the bakery, where the speakeasy, Hush, is tucked away and waiting.

Cheesecakes By Alex (315 South Elm Street ): This little shop downtown has become somewhat of an icon. The choices of cheesecake flavors made with milk and cream from a local dairy can be daunting but my absolute favorite is the Creme Brûlée cheesecake. It’s like the best vanilla cheesecake ever, with a crunchy, caramelized top. Luckily the space has grown to accommodate its loyal following. And Chef Alex Amoroso sells other things. I’m told they’re fabulous …the macarons, whoopie pies and Blue Velvet Cake come to mind. But if the sweet tooth demands cheesecake, there’s just no better in the area.

Again, after asking around, these sweet shops are what comes tops on the list. If there is a complaint at all in this, it may be that hardly any bakery stays open late, with the exception of Cheesecakes by Alex and Camino Bakery. And since our area is growing by leaps and bounds when it comes to food, one can only hope that an exclusively dessert eatery (say resembling Asheville’s French Broad Chocolate Lounge) that also stays open late, is just around the corner. It would kill it.