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Greensboro Public Artist Paints the Triad

By: Jessica Clifford Sometimes we do not realize our passion until we are later on in life. For public and commission artist, Gina Franco, that is exactly what happened. Franco, the artist who just painted ...
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Kombucha Brews Strong in the Triad

Kombucha.  Do you have the “guts” to drink it? It’s a unique beverage that’s popping up in health circles everywhere, even though it’s been around for over 2,000 years. It has made it’s way to ...
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Air-roasted Coffee Is Trending Up in the Triad

AirWheel Coffee Company based in Winston-Salem, is bringing a fresh new version of roasted coffee to coffee-lovers. You’ll find Airwheel “popping up” at Bailey Park Stage Pop-up shop in the Innovation Quarter as well as ...