taking a listen

by Ryan Snyder

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In their sophomore effort Take It Back, Greensboro punk-rock threesome the Nondenoms pick up practically where they left off in their 2008 debut Persistent. From the first notes of the opening track “EIY” the album is almost all pure insolence and attitude. It’s expressed at a breakneck tempo with screeching guitars, propulsive rhythm and gritty vocals, and it’s expected to be heard at as high of a volume of possible. Only in the closing track “The Yardstick,” an acoustic-forward ode to everlasting immaturity that’s still dotted with surges of electric guitar and shouted harmonies, do they relent at all. The rest of the album feels like a mad dash to that point, and the frenetic pacing culminates on “Running From the Cops.” It’s an anthemic ass kicking driven by Kelly Bang’s waves of volatile bass, but also sport ing a bit of the same silly charm as Lonely Island’s “The Stumble Song.” Along the way they set boundaries to weed out the punk pretenders. Their message is sometimes elusive, as in “Surfer Posa” — which is faster than anything on its namesake save for “Isla de Encanta” — and in the case of “You Give Punk A Bad Name,” sometimes explicit. There are casual elements of alt rock to be heard, such as in the radio-friendly title track, but it’s a punk album through and through. You’ll feel it when you hear it and if listened to the right way, your body will too.


The Nondenoms will play the CD release show for Take It Back on Saturday at 601 Chapman St. and on Sunday, April 17 at Pin Ups in Greensboro.