taking a listen

by Ryan Snyder


Born into a devoutly musical family, Winston-Salem rapper Trib has quietly cut tracks under various independent imprints for the past decade as prolifically as he he cuts hair. Most recently working under the banner of his own studio Rellwenz Entertainment, his newest album Total Package is an homage to the tenacious grind that’s kept him true to his roots. On “Dopeboy Degree,” he switches cadence with expert precision while musing on his street and brick-and-mortar schoolings to chunky synths and rattling beats. Where he brings honest commentary to infidel ity

on “I Text Your Girl” (she my boo/ don’t be mad at me, ni**as textin’ mine too), he can sometimes sound out of the character he portrays. The premise to “I Like You” is a little too soft around the edges (and the hook just silly), but he makes up for it with stout affirmatives on the title track and the booming trunk jam “Why They Mad.”

Trib will perform at the Nitty Gritty Soul Café on Saturday.