taking a listen

by Ryan Snyder

reviews of the moment


Let this be a lesson: Early incarnations of band bios are about as trustworthy as election year rhetoric. Searching for the early- to mid-’90s alt-rock and post-rock influences that the Quiet Brace assert are present on their self-titled debut EP is about as fruitful as the search for water on Mars. The band is no doubt ambitious, but it’s fairer to say that their product owes its existence to millennial alt-radio permutations of pop punk and nu-metal like Chevelle, New Found Glory and Trapt, minus the polish. The perma-shout is switched to On, the Royal We is invoked with reckless abandon, and the listener is absolutely dying for a hook to hang onto amidst the torrent of fatalist/nihilist undertones born of romantic hardship. Point is, it’s not an easy listen when arriving with the wrong expectations. Without them, it’s easy to appreciate it for its pounding rhythms and driving, staccato guitar runs. The band has a knack for the Deftones-like shift from mollifying intro riffs to escape velocity muscle.


The Quiet Brace will perform at New York Pizza on Tate Street on Friday.