ten best!: Moments in MTV Movie Awards history

by Lindsay Craven



William Shatner’s spoken-word

The MTV Movie Awards has been a platform of debauchery and pop culture since 1992. On Sunday, May 31, MTV will air its 16 th movie awards show with host Andy Samberg holding the reins. Through the years the show has hosted several memorable moments, the first being William Shatner’s spokenword piece in which he recited some of the lyrics to a series of songs for hit movies that year. His performance of “I Wanna Sex You Up” by Color Me Badd brought down the house.

“Brady Bunch” does Basic Instinct

The Bradys reunited in a disturbing spoof of Basic Instinct in 1993. Florence Henderson gives Carol Brady a whole new identity during an interrogation led by Peter, Greg and Cindy (all played by their respective actors). As the interrogation continues we learn why Mrs. Brady got such a great discount on her rump roast and what happened when Mrs. Brady, Sam the Butcher and caffeine combine.

Affleck makes out with Smith

Another memorable moment at the 1999 awards show was the passionate kiss between Ben Affleck and Kevin Smith. The two were presenting an award for Best New Filmmaker with Smith posing unsuccessfully as Matt Damon. In order to help Smith make his memorable impression on MTV Affleck grabs Smith by the face and lays on of the most passionate kisses ever seen on MTV.

Stiller and Cruise parody Mission: Impossible II

In 2000, Ben Stiller, a self-proclaimed Tom Cruise fan, finally got his dream role as the duo parodied MI:III. Stiller played Tom Crooze, real life Cruise’s stunt double. Crooze took on the real Cruise’s appearance, name and even personality and proceeded to freak out Cruise, the director and the entire cast and crew.

Jack Black parodies Spider-Man

On the rise from the success of his films Shallow Hal and Orange County, Jack Black took on the role of Peter Parker for a parody of Spider-Man in 2002. Playing alongside Sarah Michelle Gellar, we see Black first as the radioactive spider that changes Parker (played by Tobey Maguire). This leads into the transformation from svelte Spider-Man to overweight and funny Spider-Man. Black gives a comedic edge to everything from his shooting web to the upside down kiss scene, which oddly gives a nod to the Star Wars series.

Yoda wins best fight award

Yoda kicked some Count Dooku ass in Star Wars: Episode II — Attack of the Clones. He was rewarded for said ass kicking at the 2002 award show when he was given the popcorn for Best Fight Scene. The best part of it all, Yoda personally accepted the award, floating at the podium and sending shout-outs to his peeps in true gangsta form. He even used his Jedi powers to end the outro music that tried to cut his speech short.

MTV awards Silver Bucket of Excellence to The Breakfast Club

Twenty years after the debut of this portrait of teenage suckitude, The Breakfast Club finally got some recognition at the 2005 awards show. Molly Ringwald, Paul Gleeson, Ally Sheedy and Anthony Michael Hall showed up to accept the first time award. A scene montage from the film was presented alongside a cover of “Don’t You Forget About Me” done by Yellowcard and nostalgia ensued around the world.

Jim Carrey’s acceptance speech

Although it’s still not clear why, Jim Carrey accepted his award for Best Male Performance in The Truman Show in 1999 dressed in hippie attire and a full fake beard. He dedicated his award to his biker buddies, noted the quality of “fine pussy” in the room and requested that MTV play more Foghat. The bizarre appearance was even baffling to the awards show producers who claim to have had no knowledge of the stunt beforehand.

Sarah Silverman hosts awards

Generally a host is not a memorable moment of an awards show, but when you throw the unapologetically harsh comedian Sarah Silverman into a room with a bunch of unsuspecting celebrities you know to expect some controversy. Silverman viciously ripped through the crowd of celebs picking on Paris Hilton for her jail time, Lindsay Lohan for time in rehab and Samuel L. Jackson just for being black. Needless to say, the crowd spent the night in awkward laughter.

Seth Rogen and James Franco light up

After the hit film Pineapple Express, James Franco and Seth Rogen were selected to present at last year’s awards show. When the two hit the podium, however, they decided they needed to relax and proceed to pull out “fake weed” roll a “fake joint” and smoke on live TV. The producers of the show flipped out and pulled the cameras back so much that the at home audience could not make out what was happening, but it made for quite an awards show moment.