ten best

by Eric Ginsburg

Ten best things about winter

Time off Yule Ball and butter beer

Hopefully if you’re employed, you receive My final year at college, my roommates and some vacation time around the end of the year. I threw a huge Harry Potter-themed party at Students certainly do, leaving the city in droves the outset of winter. Our Yule Ball, taken from for nearly a month while others return. If you JK Rowling’s pages, drew quite the crowd in have time off, you don’t have to be told twice to December, with one of the biggest hits being relax, regenerate and celebrate. the butter beer (after finding the recipe online including butterscotch schnapps and cream Sitting by the fire soda).

Curled up with a book, watching a movie or taking a nap: it doesn’t matter as much what Basketball you’re doing as much as that you’re doing it in It looks like will have an NBA season after all, front a roaring fire. And not the kind involving with three games kicking it off on Christmas a gas switch or a Duralog either. A friend once including a matchup of last year’s championship stoked the fire with a stack of unused voter teams as well as my Boston Celtics against the registration cards, and if you’re not going to Knicks. Let’s not forget that the Superbowl falls treasure this paper forever, consider using it as in the winter as well. kindling.

Gingerbread houses My mom’s peppermint bark

If you’re an adult without any kids and miss Made with dark and white Ghirardelli choc- making Gingerbread houses but feel embarolate and crushed candy canes, my mom’s rassed, we’re here to help. With YES! Weekly’s peppermint bark is worth craving all year. If very official endorsement, you can indulge your I can’t get home in December I will have to gingerbread desires and go wild with candy convince me to mail me some, because wait- decals on a miniature house. Or, if your friends ing until next year isn’t even an option. Look are still going to judge you, try making some up a recipe online, because I’m not sharing gingerbread cookies in different shapes. the specifics!

Christmas lights Sledding

Every year the residents near Sunset Hills I used to careen down my driveway into a off of West Market Street string up balls of snow bank across the street because I grew up light in their trees so thoroughly that I’ve on a quiet cul-de-sac. I’ve also taken a lunch tray never seen anything that compares, though from a certain high school cafeteria and used I’ve spotted some large inflated decorations it as a sled. One local told me that they grew in the Jefferson Gardens area near Guilford up sledding on a hill in High Point on a small College before. island of snow created by a highway on ramp. It doesn’t matter where or how — just find a way Snowshoeing to slide. One recent winter in New England, buried under feet of fresh snow, my friends and I were Holidays determined not to sit in our houses alone until Religious or not, there are plenty of holidays we were dug out. Two of us braved the deso- in the winter. New Years marks an opportunity late icy streets, sliding most of the way to our for a fresh start to some, especially students friend’s house, while a fourth friend facing a starting new classes. Martin Luther King Jr. Day more treacherous drive pulled out snowshoes falls in January, with some using the day as an and walked across town. Likely the most over- opportunity to serve as well as honoring his looked form of transportation in Greensboro, legacy. consider some outdoors adventures with a pair on your feet.