Ten Best Greensboro Brunches

(Last Updated On: December 10, 2016)

by Eric Ginsburg


Lucky 32;

Frustrated with a perceived lack of variety in brunch options nearby, I committed myself to searching out some options and quickly found that my favorite meal isn’t as marginalized and forgotten as I imagined. The greatest discovery may be Lucky 32, because the quality of the food and the environment are excellent, but it is shockingly affordable. I usually opt for the pulled pork and egg “Challah & Squeal” or the eggs Benedict, both only $9.

Smith Street Diner;

This should be the most obvious one on the list, but in case you aren’t in the know: The biscuits (which are unbeatable) are as big as your face, you can order two eggs with home fries and a biscuit for $4, the chocolate chips come inside the pancakes and the Mexican eggs dish is a hangover cure. Be prepared for a wait, or come during off hours.

Sticks & Stones;

Brunch is a recent addition at Sticks, and it’s only offered on Saturday from 8-1 a.m. Everything on the relatively limited menu sounds delicious, as with the restaurant’s normal items. These may be the best cheesy grits in town, and there’s something almost magical about the biscuits. Now I just need to be better about waking up in time.

Dame’s Chicken & Waffles;

Thank god we have a place like this. I lean towards the more traditional “What A Classy Hen” option with a regular waffle and chicken cutlet, covering it in shmear, adding in hot sauce and dousing it in syrup. I still happily experiment with other items, like the sweet-potato waffle. It’s enough food to fill up for the entire day, especially with top-notch mac and cheese or greens as a side. Sorry, no fake chicken, but there are vegan waffles.

Lindley Park Filling Station;

A separate menu provides an assortment of choices for brunch fans, like the chorizo-and-egg burrito or shrimp and grits. Next time, I’m trying the fried green tomato and crab cake Benedict, but more traditional dishes like an omelet or French toast grace the list of options as well. Most of these venues brag a patio, but most of the Filling Station’s is fenced off, offering a calmer, private feel. Brunch is Sunday only.

Tex & Shirley’s;

Don’t be intimidated by the line “” it moves quickly. A range of affordable, traditional options means there’s likely something for everyone. I try to order something different each time I go and haven’t been disappointed. It’s a familyoriented, less intimate setting than a few of the other options, so bring the kids! Busy on weekends? Try the all-you-caneat pancakes on Wednesdays for a mere $2.70.

Café Europa;

Café Europa is hardly new, but for some reason I overlook it for brunch even though it offers the basics without being boring. This is what I’m talking about: scrambled eggs with dill and cream cheese with hash browns for $5.50, a biscuit with chorizo sausage gravy for $5 and three eggs any style with bacon and hash browns for $5.25. Who can argue with that? Unfortunately it’s only on Sunday.

Print Works Bistro;

Only slightly more expensive than Lucky 32 but still totally reasonable, Print Works offers alluring options like the eggs Norwegian, corned beef hash or mushroom and brie omelet (all $13 or less). Want to save more but like the ambiance? Two eggs any style for $3 “” I kid you not. Brunch ’til 4 p.m! Come during the week and try the chocolate croissant.

Carolina’s Diner;

Greensboro maintains a strong diner culture with plenty of enjoyable breakfast food, but the real reason Carolina’s Diner makes the cut is the vegetarian skillet. There are lots of other things that sound appetizing, but I tried it once and can’t spurn it. Food challenge: eat the $9 Carolina’s Big Boy Breakfast, with three eggs, gravy, grits, hash browns, two pancakes, a biscuit and bacon or sausage.

M’Coul’s Public House;

Don’t be fooled by this downtown pub’s online brunch menu “” there are more than four items available. The Breakfast Boxty is the most unique, and it’s filling. Many of the ingredients are familiar “” scrambled eggs, sautéed veggies and pepper-jack cheese “” but they are stuffed into a traditional Irish countryside potato pancake. Plus, meat can be added and it comes with a fruit and a muffin. It would be a mistake not to order a mimosa, too.