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The December Chef’s Table at The Traveled Farmer


The Traveled Farmer has been open for a little over a month and already it seems the idea of turning a British gastro pub into a true farm to table restaurant with a built-in market is paying off. On the very day the new concept turned one month old, The Traveled Farmer was the site of our monthly Chef’s Table where we let Chef Jay Pierce surprise us.

We’ve enjoyed a couple of precursory events at The Traveled Farmer, which used to be known as The Marshall Free House before Marty Kotis and his team decided to go a new direction. Now the menu is wholly focused on featuring local ingredients with local and global influences. You’ll find catfish and Hoppin’ John, but also fried wontons with tuna and other globally inspired fare. In addition to the new menu and name, The Traveled Farmer also features a farmer’s market just inside the restaurant, where you can find many of Chef Pierce’s favorite locally sourced products that he loves to use in his kitchen, plus prepared items from the kitchen that you can grab and go. There is also farm stand produce ready for the picking during a quick shop. The whole area in what is now known as Midtown is alive and vibrant. It feels like a place you want to be. And it is.

We knew Chef Pierce and his team would knock it out of the park at our Chef’s Table. We felt it was a great way to introduce local food lovers to this Kotis’ concept. Pierce brought out several already popular items from the menu as well as some items he’s working on. And when the chef surprises us, we give him or her cart blanche to get a little creative. It’s all served family style to add to the festive and communal feel of the evening.

Course One
Aperitif of Steak with Kimchi Bleu Cheese Fondue
This was a riff on a steak sandwich and was just a lovely taste of steak on a homemade cracker.


Course Two
Not Pimento Cheese with homemade crackers and house pickles and Sweet Potato Chips with South Carolina BBQ dipping sauce
The story behind this Not pimento cheese? It doesn’t have pimento in it. So technically, it’s not pimento cheese, but it’s about as close to it as you get.


Course Three
Roasted Beet Salad with Whipped Goat Lady Dairy Chèvre
I love beets. And when paired with goat cheese, even better. This was a simple, classically beet salad and it’s offered on the menu.

Course Four
Quinoa Salad with house vinaigrette
Very leafy but with wonderful quinoa throughout. You can pick your salad at Tabled Farmer, pick your toppings and add a protein for a small upcharge, allowing you to be in control of your own salad destiny.


Course Five
Fried Catfish bites with Miso Butter on Grilled Bok Choy.
This was a dish that celebrated the bok choy drizzled with the miso than the catfish. But no one complains about the added bonus of fried catfish to a platter. Salty and buttery and fabulous.

Course Six
Meatballs and sauce on Drake’s spaghetti.
These meatballs in a terrific sauce can be found in the Traveled Farmer’s market along with the pasta, which is made in High Point.

Course Seven
Superfood Fritters
These were delicious. Made with so many healthy grains and seeds, you have to feel good about eating them. They’re also available in the market and found on the menu as a Smoky bean and quinoa fritter.


Course Eight
Blackened Catfish with Collards and Hoppin’ John with garlic scape butter.
This so happens to be one of my favorite things on Traveled Farmer’s new menu. Each component complements the other so nicely. The catfish is perfection. Chef Pierce says, “It’s the signature dish of our young existence.”

Course Nine
The Deconstructed Korean Bowl
This item is a favorite on the new menu and is served as a Korean Rice Bowl. For fun, Chef Pierce turned this into a sampling of all the components of the dish and called it a “taste of pork”.


Course Ten
Dessert Storm
Dessert Sampling of Smores Pie, Key Lime Pie, Sweet Potato Cheesecake and Banana Pudding. Served in tiny mason jars, the desserts are always a hit.

An element of added fun was our Dirty Santa gift exchange. Our guests were encouraged to purchase a locally made product from the Traveled Farmer’s market or bring something in. Proceeds from our guests’ purchases that evening were donated by the restaurant to No Kid Hungry. The market is getting stocked more and more every day and I think most folks will be able to find something at a very decent price point.

Our Chef’s Table is always full of merriment and delicious courses. We appreciated The Traveled Farmer’s decision to serve it family style. Sometimes you just want a bite. Sometimes others at your table want more than a bite. This ensures that everyone gets the right amount and there’s not pressure to act like you like something if you don’t.

Wanna go? The Traveled Farmer is located at 1211 Battleground Ave., Greensboro. Open 11am-10pm Monday-Thursday and until 11pm Saturday and Sunday. Visit for more information.

Our next Chef’s Table is scheduled for late January. We are still working out those details so follow Triadfoodies on Facebook for the announcement.