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The Greatest Homecoming on Earth

(Last Updated On: October 3, 2017)

Marlon Wayans doing stand-up comedy
Photo courtesy of Alison Leslie

It is that time of year again for students and alumni of North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University to celebrate the “greatest homecoming on Earth.” This year’s Aggie festivities challenge any other university to try and claim the title of greatest homecoming on Earth with multiple celebrity appearances and performances.

David Kimbro serves as the student government association vice president of external affairs. Within this role, he is one of the two student representatives on the Homecoming Planning Committee. “My role is to ensure that students’ wants and needs are fulfilled in regards to homecoming,” he wrote in an email. “From planning the homecoming concert to organizing the annual homecoming parade, we are involved in every aspect of homecoming.”

Kimbro said for decades, NC A&T’s homecoming has been unparalleled. He explains that homecoming is a time when alumni from all across the globe come back to Greensboro to commemorate the great times they had in Aggieland. In 1999, it was dubbed the “Greatest Homecoming on Earth” and “G.H.O.E” tends to trend nationally on Twitter every year around this time, he said.

In the past, Kimbro said homecoming at NC A&T has been host to huge artists and celebrities of the day. “Ice Cube, TI, Kelly Rowland, J. Cole, Tupac Shakur, and countless others have performed at our legendary homecoming making it a priority of ours to keep that tradition alive,” he wrote. “This year, our concert will be headlined by platinum recording rap group Migos and the legendary Gucci Mane. We look forward to making this homecoming amazing and look forward to continuing the legacy next year!”

For current students, G.H.O.E starts Oct. 1 and ends on Oct.8. On Oct. 3 The Aggie Homecoming Comedy Show “Fifty Shades of Funny” will be Tuesday night and features Marlon Wayans from his NBC show “Marlon” and special guests Jay Pharoah from Showtime’s “White Famous” and DeRay Davis from VH1’s “Hip Hop Squares.” The show starts at 8 p.m. at the Corbett Sports Center and tickets for students with an ID are $17.50 and $25.50 for the general public.

I was actually given the opportunity to speak to Wayans over the phone on last Wednesday. He said even though he has not been to Greensboro, he is looking forward to the comedy show.

“When you get a crowd in front of you, man, it is kind of like they are all the same except they are college kids,” Wayans said. “People underestimate college kids, but most people in the world doing stuff right now are the little guys in college. They are the real adults in the world, the next leaders. It is their world.”

Wayans gave me a preview of his sense of humor when he joked that it was a lot easier to play himself on his new hit T.V. show “Marlon” on NBC than it was for him to play a white chick in the movie White Chicks. Compared to his movie now out on Netflix Naked, he said it was a lot easier to play his dad character because “you aren’t as naked as you are in the South Carolina winter, so I have to say that I like to play Marlon better.”

Although Wayans said that he is more than comfortable doing both comedy and drama, he embraces the challenge of comedy. “I was raised in drama so I am very comfortable in doing drama, but I welcome the challenge of comedy. Comedy is one of the hardest things you can ever do in your life and I just love the challenge of making people smile because that is what makes me smile.”