The Roots of a New Thanksgiving Tradition

(Last Updated On: November 9, 2016)

Kristi Maier | @triadfoodies

mor_thanksgiving-2016_flyerrA Winston-Salem start-up has taken the boxed meal delivery game to a local level that can now serve as an impact to the food insecure.

Middle of the Root is a non-profit organization that provides meal kits filled with locally sourced ingredients from neighboring farms that can feed a family of two or four.

The mission: Connecting communities through food.

Putting it as simply as possible: Middle of the Root is a meal kit delivery service (think Hello Fresh, Blue Apron) but with a local twist. It’s locally owned and operated. Subscribers get a meal, with local, farm fresh products and recipe to go along with them to help prepare that meal. Founder Ashley Jobe says, “The hope is one day soon, with enough subscribers, we will be able to complete an impact project after each cycle that addresses food insecurity; for instance community gardens, cooking classes and other projects for our underserved communities.”

The boxed meal kits are called “Meal Kits With Meaning.” It’s part of an overreaching goal of helping the needy in Forsyth County, which has one of the largest food insecure populations in the country. Proceeds from the sale of those boxed kits will allow Middle of the Root to provide those same local, farm fresh foods at low or no cost to our food insecure neighbors. It’s a pretty great concept. And YES! Weekly will have a full story in Chow on this mission when we get a little closer to spring.

Here’s what is happening now with Middle of the Root and how it is providing an impact for those in need this Thanksgiving, all the while supporting local farmers. For the next 10 days, you can be one of 75 people to purchase a Thanksgiving turkey for your family (or as a gift).

“Every third turkey sold will provide a family in Forsyth County with a Thanksgiving meal,” Jobe said. “Middle of the Root has partnered with five different organizations and asked them to reach out to five local families they work with. Those families will receive an entire meal this Thanksgiving, all in the spirit of giving.” So, MoR has 75 turkeys to sell to customers and 25 families will receive meals from the sale of those turkeys.

Jobe says the spirit of giving is continuing in other ways as well. “We have also been contacted by Family Video and they are matching every turkey we sell with another. So the giving aspect has just been taken to another level. We will be giving 25 full Thanksgiving meals and then 70 additional turkeys to places like churches, soup kitchens and organizations that have large community dinners feeding populations of underserved or homeless.”

The turkeys are fresh, locally raised from Joyce Farms. The turkeys customers purchase will be delivered November 21-23 by volunteers. There’s still time to order your turkey at MiddleoftheRoot.org. Prices vary and deliveries will take place within a 30-mile radius.

Middle of the Root has a few stops along the way to share its message and you can learn more on their website but also at Forsyth Woman’s Girls Night Out, which is being held at Muddy Creek Cafe, Wednesday November 9 from 5:00-8:00 pm.
Meal Kits With Meaning will be offered again come Spring 2017 featuring local produce, meat and cheese and other artisan products that are in season along with the impact initiative.

For more information and to purchase a Thanksgiving turkey, visit middleoftheroot.org.