Traffic, Road Closures, and Many Pedestrians Expected During a&T Homecoming

(Last Updated On: October 26, 2016)


GREENSBORO, NC (Oct. 26, 2016) –  Guests arriving to the Gate City can expect to see an increased police presence as officers from multiple agencies manage road closures and increase security around event venues for NC A&T Homecoming this weekend.

Beginning Friday afternoon, Oct. 28, the Greensboro Police Department will have additional officers in the downtown area to provide a safe and enjoyable atmosphere for guests. Additional officers will be on duty throughout Sunday to provide assistance in preserving the peace.

The first road closures begin at 4 pm on Friday, Oct. 28. Perkins St. and E. Washington St. between S. Benbow Rd. and S. Booker will be closed to through traffic and on-street parking is prohibited. On street parking is also prohibited in S. Booker St. between McConnell Rd. and the northern cul de sac. The road closures and parking restrictions will be lifted at approximately 6 am Sunday, Oct. 29.

Also on Friday, parking will be prohibited on Yanceyville St. between Homeland and Lindsay St., and on Dudley St. between Salem and Lindsay St. The restriction will be lifted after the parade.

Road closures begin on Saturday, Oct. 29 in preparation for the parade and football game. Beginning at 5 am, Murrow Blvd will be closed between Gate City Blvd. and Friendly Ave. in order to stage the parade.

Motorist will see a Variable Message Sign placed on westbound Gate City Blvd. east of Bennett St. advising parade participants to use the right lane and for thru traffic to use the left lane.

Roads along the parade route will be closed beginning at approximately 6 am. The parade route is as follows:

·         North on Murrow from Friendly Ave to Lindsay St.

·         East (right) on Lindsay to Laurel St.

·         South (right) on Laurel to John Mitchell Dr.

The parade route (with the exception of Lindsay St from Yanceyville/Dudley to Headquarters Dr.) should be reopened by 2 pm.

In preparation for the football game, vehicle access to the A&T campus will be limited beginning at 5 a.m.

From 6 am to approximately 9 pm, the following streets will be closed:

·         Sullivan St. from Benbow St. to Lindsay St.

·         Lindsay St. from Yanceyville/Dudley to Headquarters Dr.

Because parking in and around the campus will be limited, people are encouraged to use the shuttle bus service. Free busses run from the Koury Convention Center to and the downtown area from 7 am to 6:30 pm. The drop off/pick up point downtown is at the intersection of Lindsay St. at Sullivan St.

The University will also have a shuttle from on campus parking lots to the stadium. These shuttles will pick up on campus lots and drop-off/pick-up at the intersection of Benbow Rd. at Sullivan St.

At the end of the game, traffic exiting the stadium parking areas will be directed east onto Lindsay St. Traffic exiting on Benbow Rd. will be directed south on Benbow Rd. toward Gate City Blvd or east on Market St.

Greensboro police will be posted at key intersections to provide for an orderly flow of traffic.

February One will be closed from approximately 10 pm to 3 am to vehicular traffic.

Vehicles parked on private/commercial property parking lots are subject to towing at the request of the owner or tenant.

In addition for heavy vehicular traffic, motorists can expect to see many more pedestrians this weekend. Drivers should decrease speed and be extra vigilant in areas where pedestrians are present. Pedestrians are reminded to use marked cross walks where available.

Both pedestrians and motorists must follow the hand and arm signals of police officers directing traffic.