triad dj profile

by Ryan Snyder

Nicholas Armand

Name: Nicholas Armand Shrouder

DJ Handle: Nicholas Armand

What I play: Elements of electro house, funky breaks, hip hop, Miami bass and even a little freestyle to create my own unique DJ style

Catch me at: Final Friday at Studio B where I’m the resident DJ along with tag partner Sloan

Upcoming shows: July 25 — VWE Music Summertime Party Series at CityView, July 31 — Final Friday at Studio B opening for Noel Sanger, Aug. 8 — VWE Music Summertime Party Series at Campus Crossing, Aug. 21 — Greene Street Club opening for DJ Icey, Aug. 29 — VWE Music Summertime Party Series at CityView.

Started spinning: When I bought my first set of CDJ 100s & Mixer in 2000.

Why I do it: Growing up in Florida, I was captivated by the electronic sounds of “Florida Funky Breaks” and my passion for music took over.

Influences: DJ Icey, Chris Lake, DJ X, Sloan, Tiesto, Sharaz, Mark Roberts

First pro gig: It was a summer-long event series titled Fiesta Fridays in Wilmington in 2004.

Signature style: Creating new mixes live and leaving the dance floor wanting more.

Personal playlist: ’80s rock, ’90s booty, modern country, reggae and even some talk radio

Favorite albums: CC Lemonhead — Bass To Another Level, Mishka — One Tree, Kenny Chesney — Be As You Are, DJ Magic Mike — Bass Is The Name of the Game, Michael Jackson — Ones; DJ Icey — Different Day, Jimmy Buffett — Songs You Know By Heart.

Equipment: A pair of Pioneer CDJ-800s, Behringer DDM-4000 Mixer, MacBook, Virtual DJ or Serato

I’d like to add: I founded VWE Music Network in 2000, which has since become North Carolina’s go-to source for entertainment. Although it’s not strictly an electronic/dance music agency, it has allowed me to keep my finger on the pulse of mainstream music as well. In my opinion, some of the best EDM songs to date incorporate portions of mainstream music. Performing at private events allows me to see what people still move to and in turn, making me a better DJ.

Website:,, and a new site is in the works for Nicholas Armand & Sloan.