triad dj profile

by Ryan Snyder

DJ Handle: DJ Flipside

Real name: Rick Bullington Origin of DJ Handle: It came from a track I heard years ago by Freeway featuring Fatman scoop

What I play: I like to play a little bit of everything, ranging from electro house, funky mixx, hip hop, top 40, drum & bass, as well as creating my own master mixes to give a little bit of my own flavor. Catch me at: I’m always at the Underground in Greensboro, where I am a resident, as well as club oasis in Winston-salem, usually alongside my good friend DJ Pattycakes!

Upcoming shows: Aug. 5: club oasis college night; Aug. 7: club oasis Top 40Dance Party with DJ Pattycakes; Aug. 8: the Underground Best of ’80s, ’90s and top40; Aug. 12: club oasis college night; Aug. 15: the Underground Best of ’80s, ’90sand top 40.Got in the game: I first hit the scene in July 2006.Why I do it: I have always loved music, so I tried playing many differentinstruments and never could play anything well at all. When I started to realize thatI had an ear for music and mixing songs in my head to make mashups, I realizedthat I could still be a musician by doing one of the most entertaining, high-energyjobs out there. one day, someone decided to take a chance on a kid who neededa lot of work and put me to work. John Haskins (FNDJ) still to this day teaches menew things everyday. I have to say that he is the reason I am doing all the things Iam doing now!Influences: (FNDJ) John Haskins, DJ Icey, Tiesto, supa skip, Dirty Thirty andPattycakes!First pro gig: WoW…I remember it well. It was Backstreets in Greensborobefore it became the Underground. I had so much support there from family andfriends and it was the best show ever!Studio work: I have the equipment set up either in my office or in a smallrecording studio at my home that a few friends and I built a while back.Signature style: scratching and master-mixing my own tracksPersonal playlist: A ton of mashups by various DJs, Flobots, Jay-Z, kanye,korn, Dave matthews, method man and Redman and some work by some localmusicians like FocUs and PsYc.Favorite albums: Flobots — Fight with Tools, DJ Icey — Disco Rodeo, methodman & Redman — Blackout 2, kanye West — Graduation, Dave matthews Band— Crash, korn — Follow the Leader.My gear: Two Pioneer cDJ 800s, Pioneer mixer, HP laptop, Virtual DJ and I amthinking about moving over to serato.I’d like to add: come support local talent, I cannot stress it enough. There areso many amazing musicians in the Triad area, it is unbelievable. I think I can speakfor us all when I say the reason we continue mixing and making music is for thecrowds. speaking as a DJ there is nothing better than a crowded venue full ofpeople wanting to dance all night long and you continue to rock the dance floorwith your music. It is one of the greatest feelings in the world to see people whoprobably have so many things going on in there life just care free for a few hoursall because you are giving them an escape. I also would like to thank the ownersof the venues who give us DJs a place to display our talents. come see me at thebooth! !Website: