triad dj profile

by Ryan Snyder

triad dj profile

Joey Carr

DJ handle: Thunder Thighs

Origin of handle: I thought was different and would catch people’s eyes on a flyer or online. It’s kind of funny and ridiculous because it has nothing to do with me or anything I’m a part of.

What I play: mash-ups and remixes

Catch me at: my first show was at an art studio off lyndon street, which was about two months ago, so anytime there is a show there I will play it.

Upcoming shows: July 21 is my next lyndon street show.

Got into the game: About a year ago

Why I do it: To be a part of the hip-hop culture and I know of no one else in my area that was trying to create the music I’m making. Influences: Friends, family, Girl Talk, e-603, Diplo, DJAm and A-Trak

My style: I’m not standing up there and pressing play on my turntables or just playing one song all the way through. I use more than 30 samples from other songs just to make one creation of my own. When you hear my music, you will hear songs that you loved 10 to 20 years ago and songs that you are into now. so instead of playing straight hip hop the entire time, I am playing a mix of oldies, rock, rap, electro, pop, indie and dance. Personal playlists: Hip hop and other mash-up artists

Favorite albums: Anything by Big l, ol’ Dirty Bastard and Blackstar. Also, outkast’s Stankonia and Aquemini and Wu Tang clan’s Enter the Wu Tang.

My gear: Technics turntables, Numark mixer, serato scratch live, Reason, Recycle, and a macbook

I’d like to add: one thing I want to accomplish as a DJ is to be able to reach every crowd so no one will get bored hearing the same Top 40 hits that you hear on the radio or at every other club. I’m building a good stage performance so the crowd can see that I am actually here to make people dance and have fun.