triad dj profile

DJ Handle: Young Marley/Marley Carroll

Origin: My pops and I have the same name. Back in high school when MCs would call the house they would have to ask for “Young Marley,” haha. After this year I’m officially retiring “Young Marley,” but it was good while it lasted.
What I play: Hip hop, downtempo, IDM, instrumental glitchy stuff. Lately I’ve been getting more abstract, but I still like to have fun. I’ll destroy a house party. Catch me at: Hookah Joe’s in Asheville is my most recurrent gig. Maybe a monthly there soon. Upcoming shows: Sept. 18 at Club 828 in Asheville, opening for Prefuse 73; Sept. 24 at the Emerald Lounge in Asheville, performing with my live group, the Melanaster Band.

Got in the game: Nine years ago. Why I do it: Saw the Beat Junkies open for Jurassic 5 back in high school and became instantly captivated by the sound of scratching. That led to discovering Kid Koala, DJ Qbert and the entire Bay area scene. I started as a drummer, so it was a natural penchant.
Influences: A lot of Bay Area DJs (Rhettmatic, J Rocc, D-Styles) were early influences, learning doubles and phasing and quick mixing and all that, then later I started developing a style based in the left-field glitchy experimental stuff coming from Warp Records (Squarepusher, Autechre, etc). Serato really opens the possibilities up for things like that.

First pro gig: The Room, Charlotte. Those were the days. Studio work: Producing records for NC MCs like Ike Turnah and Wolly Vinyl, working in the studio with Mr. Invisible (Charlotte), random mastering jobs for LA cats (lived out there for about five years), all the way up to producing progressive house records for South African DJs (it pays). I also self-produced a rock/electronic hybrid record called “Melanaster,” that’s the main focus for me as an artist. Favorite technique: Combining chirps and flares in all possible configurations to achieve some out-there syncopation. Lately I’ve been really into using Serato’s looping functions for some really crazy juggling and doubles combinations (search Marley Carroll on YouTube).
Personal playlist: Radiohead, Squarepusher, a lot of the Stones Throw guys and mopey indie rock. I love it. Favorite albums: Outkast — Aquemini, Radiohead — Kid A, Talking Heads — Remain in Light, Modest Mouse — The Moon & Antarctica, Boards of Canada — Music Has The Right To Children. The list could be really, really long, but I’ll stop there.
Equipment: Technics 1210M3D, Rane TTM56 Serato SL1, MacBook Pro, Apogee Duet, Logic Pro. I’d like to add: Check out my self-produced album Melanaster! It’s on iTunes/ Amazon/CD Baby, etc., but I have made it available free on my website. You can also check out my recent DJ technique explorations on YouTube (search for Marley Carroll).