triad dj profile

triad dj profile

DJ E.Sudd

DJ handle: “The Golden Child” DJ E.Sudd

What it means: Nice and simple abbreviation of my 1st and last nameReal name: Erik Sudderth

What I play: Hip hop, R&B, reggae, go go (whatever the crowd calls for, it’sin the archive).

Catch me at: Every Monday at 8 p.m. on the, TuesdayOpen Mic at Club Touch, Wednesday at Club Genesis, most Fridaysand Saturdays at JABS Ultra Bar and Sundays at Club Menage. Reallyanticipating Oct 31st NCA&T Homecoming night.

Got in the game: I started out on the dual deck CD players in 2004. Afterlinking up with Waleed Coyote (Othaz Records/102 Jamz) he began invitingme to the radio station where I watched the DJs and I realized thatwhat I was doing was not DJing. I purchased a set of Technics 1200s andbegan to work on my mixing and scratching.

Why I do it: My whole life I have had the love for music; listening andmaking. During my middle school years, I played the guitar and the drums.In high school (T. Wingate Andrews), I was on the drumline. I have alwaysloved the club/live music atmosphere, so I figured pursuing a career as a

DJ would be a good idea.Influences: First and foremost, anyone that has ever doubted me. DJ MC,DJ Skillz, DJ Smoove, every real DJ that is serious about their work and ofcourse, my listeners.

First pro gig: During my freshmen year of college (2005), I began doingthe warm-up/opening sets for DJ Reflection. In early 2006, I landed my firstofficial gig at the Venue with crowds of 1500-2000 people every Thursday.

Studio work: I’m in Atlanta in the studio as we speak with P Wonda, Tigo B,Rise, and Young Ezz working on my upcoming album Frontline. I grabbedthe hottest NC artists and put them on the craziest beats. I’d like toconsider Frontline as North Carolina’s resume to the world.

My technique: Working the crowd with call and response

My Gear: Technics 1200 Turntables, Rane 56 and Serato

Personal playlist: I like to listen to mixtapes put together by other DJs.I am also a fan of late ’90s music and a lot of local artists like Snoog, NapsKrew and Yacht Music Group.

Favorite albums: The Game — The Documentary, Dr. Dre — The Chronic2001, Eminem — Marshall Mathers LP, Nelly — Country Grammar, Big Pun— Yeah Baby, Ludacris — Back For The First Time, Fabolous — Street Dreams

Booking: 336.689.2460,,

I’d like to add: In addition to being the youngest professional DJ in theCarolinas, I’ve made two BET “Rap City” Appearances, and you can checkme out on the On My Grind mixtape series. !