triad dj profile

by Ryan Snyder

triad dj profile by Ryan Snyder


Name: DJ Drew B


What I play: Breaks mixed with hip hop, old school, ’80s, ’90s, rock and

reggaeton. I cover the whole spectrum really, and throw in my own

remixes as well.

Got in the game: I became a DJ in high school my senior year,


Why I became a DJ: I became a DJ because I wanted to move people

through music. There’s nothing better than a room full of people feeling

the same vibe and bouncing with it. It’s almost better than sex!

Influences: Get Down Brown (Dizzy G’s resident back in the day), Just

Jamie, DJ Jonathan Lee (mentor and friend), DJ 2 Percent, Donald Glaude,

DJ Funk Junkie, Krafty, Skip-a-Beat, Keith Mackenzie.

First pro gig: Lucky’s Bar, Wilmington, in 2002. Played breaks for basically

nothing. Gotta start somewhere!

Favorite technique: Smooth mixing, tight scratching, live remixing,

rockin’ doubles.

Personal playlist: Classic rock, Motown, EDM, some hip hop, metal and

a lot of chill (takes the edge off). My gear: I started out with an MC-505,

BOSS-202, an old school Casio SK-1 keyboard, a Novation MM-10 midi

controller, CakeWalk Project 5, Acid Pro, Reason, and last but not least FL

Studio 6.

Favorite albums: Rage Against the Machine’s self titled album, Crystal

Method — Vegas, Paul Oakenfold — Resident, Prodigy — The Fat of the

Land, Gang Starr — A Decade of Gang Starr, Bob Marley — Legend, Dj Icey

— Essential Mix