triad dj profile

by Ryan Snyder

Name: Evan JayDJ handle: DJ Ev of Kaos Mathematics and the Jukebox Heroes Origin of handle: It is short for my first name, but evolved to EV becausepeople kept calling me EV.What I play: Classic hip hop, indie hip hop, Top 40 and mainstream hits, Baltimore house, reggaeCatch me at: Anywhere around townUpcoming shows: Jan. 19 at Greene Street MMA (Mix Master Arts) DJ Battle as a judgeGot in the game: 1999 when I debo’d my folks turntable and started experimenting with scratch patterns. In 2001, I got a full rig.Why I do it: I was motivated by the late-night mix shows on commercial and college radio during the golden era of hip hopInfluences: Ant Butta from 90.1 for enlightening me that major labels weren’t the only people making good music, DJ SK for being a true friend and the most influential person I’ve met in my DJ career, my mom for supporting me in my quest, Capital J, Jim Boogie and J-Flexx from 102 JAMZ for helping me get my vinyl collection started, Jack Bonney at WUAG for getting me on air and keeping Slap Happy Radio with DJ Section 8 on for seven years.First pro gig: NC A&T graduation party for Randell at the Jay-Cee building. It was crazy, but got shut down shortly after getting packed.Studio work: The Slap Happy Radio podcast series (, dance mixes for competitions, custom mixes and suchFavorite technique: I love storytelling with blends. It’s one thing to be able to beatmatch, but another thing to get in the zone and tell stories.Personal playlist: Everything from up North to down South mainstream rap to indie hip hop to electronic music including drum n’ bass, breaks, electro house and Baltimore.Equipment: The industry standard setup with Technics 1200sWebsite: www.WeAreYourHeroes.comI’d like to add: Thanks Ryan for hooking this up. See y’all at Greene Street forMMA DJ Battle Tuesday January 19. Shouts out to Essence, DJ NxThursday,Kyle Santillian, DJ Yona, Brother Mike Carter and Greene Street Fam, DJ SK and the Jukebox Heroes.