triad dj profile

by Ryan Snyder


DJ Handle: DJ DL What it means: I have gone since birth as DL as my dad, granddad and son are all named David. Kind of like Larry, Darrell and Darrell, if Larry’s name was Darrell too. Real name: David L. Everhart III My show: “Elevator Music,” Wednesday nights from 8-10 p.m. on WQFS 90.9 FM Guilford College Radio What I play: A mix of contemporary indie and subpop that spans the last few decades. I try to play a song or two (okay, four or five) every night that makes your broken heart cry, and then also rock you out of the purple funk that I made you feel with some hard driving rock. I have been accused of playing some “poppy” music. Got in the game: I got a short-wave radio when I was 10 years old and made broadcasts from the upstairs bedroom with the records I got from lying about my age to Columbia house. I knew it was an FCC risk, but it was the only gig available. I have been at WQFS since 1989 or so, with a break when I got pregnant. Why I do it: I am zero for two with ex-wives and currently auditioning for a third. Relationships create mental mood swings best treated though music lyrics. I tried medication and it didn’t work for me. This is my therapy. This is my church.

Influences: Dee Dee Thorton and Rena from Deaconlight. Alice Cooper is who I want to be if I grow up. Signature song: “30 Years in the Bathroom” by the Wonder Stuff Personal playlist: I got the Stooges and MC5. I got the Funhouse and I play it all night. Favorite albums. The Beatles — White Album, Kevin Kinney — McDougal Blues, Blue October— F oiled for the Last Time, Third Eye Blind — A Collection, The Cure — Wish Leon Russell — Carney and a lot of Motown stuff. Favorite artists: Drivin’ N Cryin’, House of Fools, Caleb Caudle & the Bayonetts, the Avett Brothers and Donna the Buffalo My Gear: Two Turntables and a Microphone (on loan two hours a week from the station) Website: Elevator Music (Official) at I’d like to add: Once a lady called while I was on the air and I talked to her for a while. I met her by happenstance some 15 years later and she told me that I saved her from suicide through our conversation. I didn’t have the guts to tell her that she saved my life too. A joke: How many WQFS DJs does it take to change a light bulb? Just one. We call Roy Moore (from the Old Country Store).