triad dj profile

by Ryan Snyder


Real name: Sal Ventura DJ Handle: DJ Sal What it means: Aside from my first name being Sal, back in the mid ’90s for a year or so, I went by DJ Scratch-A-Lot, which my friends gave me due to the fact that I was always scratching and mixing. I wanted to shorten the name down, so I just went with my first name, which just happens to be the first letters of Scratch-A-Lot. Radio work: Over the years I have been a mixer/on-air/mix show coordinator/music director/ asst. program director. In addition to doing guest spots on various radio stations, I’ve worked at Hot 102.1 FM in Virginia Beach; Hot 97.9 FM Merdian, Miss.; and 99.5 Jamz in Emporia, Va. and Weldon, NC. When I first started at 99.5 Jamz, I came on Friday nights with “Club 99.5.” a four-hour mix show that made you feel as if you were at the club. I’m now doing production work, as well as the music director for 99.5 Jamz. I’m working on a new mix show which will be called “The 2 O’Clock Fix.” We are shooting for an on-air date in early July 2010. Most recently I have been featured on “The Michael Baisden Show,” and I’m currently doing a few guest mix spots for them. What I play: Hip hop/R&B mainly, but for the past couple of years at private events I spin Top 40, rock, house, Latin, reggae and even some Country. Upcoming shows: “The 2 O’Clock Fix” — WYTT FM (99.5 Jamz) in early July, Guadalajara’s in Virginia Beach on Friday. AGE 2093 Presents 2nd Annual Summerbash in Norfolk, Va. on Saturday. Got in the game: In 1995 professionally. Why I do it: My dad was a DJ for one, and even before I remember one day watching a DJ doing some scratching on TV and I remember saying “I want to do that.” Influences: DJ Jazzy Jeff, Afrika Bambaataa, DJ Revolution First pro gig: Candlelite Lounge , which was a gentleman’s club located in Virginia Beach. Studio work: Production work for radio; scratched on tracks for Urban Flair recording artist OVA; went on tour with Universal Records recording artists Thug City, as well as scratching on tracks when I worked with their producer Screwface. Favorite technique: Crab scratch Signature mix: Flashback #1, a mix CD, I produced a few years ago. Personal playlist: Linkin Park, old-school break-dancing music like Soul Sonic Force, Twilight 22, Planet Patrol, etc. Favorite albums: Beanie Sigel — The B. Coming, Linkin Park — Meteora, Dr. Dre — The Chronic My gear: Technics 1200s, Rane 56 mixer Website: I’d like to add: My favorite radio moment was around seven years ago, when I was on WOWI, Norfolk, Va. (103 JAMZ) for a week at 7 p.m., on their competitor WHVV, Virginia Beach at 9 p.m. every night. I enjoyed that week.