triad dj profile

by Ryan Snyder

DJ/VJ 8.1.8

Real name: Matthew Zebedee Owen DJ Handle: DJ/VJ 8.1.8 What it means: I’m from Los Angeles and that was my area code. What I play: Electro, house, breaks, Top 40, hip hop, old skool, retro. A little bit of it all; pretty much a party-rocker sound. Catch me at: Actually I am on the road alot. Regularly I am at the Pour House and Heaven/Much. There are monthly and biweekly gigs that I do at SOB’s, Zoo City Saloon (Asheboro), Boiler Room and Greene Street Clun. Upcoming shows: Friday, June 25 at Got in the game: When I became a DJ, it was around six years ago, but I have always had a relationship with music. I fell into it, but got my first taste of DJing back in high school doing house parties. Influences: There are so many but i will start with DJ AM, Supa Skip, Doc Roc, Dirty Thirty, Frenzy, Richie Rich, Roonie G, Kris P, 2nd Nature and many more. First pro gig: My first club gig was at Red Rooster in Winston Salem, and my first headlining gig was in Birmingham, Ala. at the Station with Huda Hudia, Frenzy and Richie Rich Studio work: Multitrack edits and remix, and video remixing and edits Favorite technique: Turntablism, scratching, clean mixing, party rocking and always the spin-back. Signature mix: I actually never have made a studio mix, but have a couple of live mixtapes floating around out there. Personal playlist: Little bit of everything, but mainly rock and electro Favorite albums: Captain Gesh and the Shrimp Shack Shooters, Jimi Hendrix — Purple Haze, Michael Jackson — Thriller, Outkast — ATLiens My gear: Studio — Vegas 9.0 Pro, eMachine T5224, Korg Nano Pad, Oxygen 8 Midi Controller, Kenwood JL 845W Monitors. DJing — MacBook, Rane TTM-57, two Technics 1200mk5, two JBL 10-inch powered monitors, Ortofon DigiTracks, Technics RP-DH1200 headphones, Serato Scratch Live Video Serato Website:,,, I’d like to add: I would like to say thank you to everyone that has helped and supported me through everything.