triad dj profile

by Ryan Snyder


DJ handle: DJ Bassix’

What it means: I was really into the Miami bass scene when I was younger. I always  had a car with a huge stereo, and I would  just ride around blasting music as loud as I could take it, broadcasting the new music  I loved. Something about the word “Bassix” just stuck.’

Real name: Chad Brooks

What I play: Top 40, remixes, hip hop, house, electro house, Baltimore house, breaks… whatever will make the crowd dance.

Catch me at: Greyhound Lounge every Saturday, and the occasional Fridays. I do the random house parties, and some benefit gigs for charity.

Got in the game: I truly became a pro DJ about two years ago. I have been playing for years, but never took it to the next level. I am glad I did, because I love the energy a crowd gives you back when you give them what they want.’

Why I do it: Just like I said before, I love music, I love to make people dance and have a good time. To take someone who has had a bad week and turn the night into a great time where they don’t even remember what they were worried about… I love it!’

Influences: I have a strange variety of influences. DJ Jazzy Jeff, DJ Q-Bert, DJ Icey, the Stanton Warriors and my boy DJ Snow.

First pro gig: My first gig was at a bar in Charlotte. It wasn’t a huge place, and it was a restaurant during the day. I was  nervous as hell, but by the end of the night, everybody was dancing and having  a great time. I was addicted immediately, and I look forward to every gig now.’

Studio work: I am still focusing on my turntablism, but I do work on remixes and originals every week. Vicious Vibes entertainment  is the crew that I am with, and we have a few tracks that we are releasing soon.’

Favorite technique: I like juggling records, scratching, whatever to keep the crowd interested and having fun.’

Personal playlist: Hip hop, house, breaks, rock and some pop.’

Favorite albums: Notorious BIG — Ready to Die, Deeklin — Hotcakes Ready Mix, Stanton Warriors — Session 2, any Sublime, Jay-Z and Rage Against the Machine.’

My gear: Technics 1200 MK2’s, Pioneer djm-800, Serato, Apple Macbook… and my unbelievable skillz lol!

Website: Any gig requests or any  questions or comments, e-mail me at’

Anything else you’d like to add: Music  is a device to move the soul and move  your feet. Don’t take it for granted; take  advantage of it. Come out and support  your local DJs, so that we can keep you  dancing.