triad dj profile

by Ryan Snyder


DJ Handle: Spunge

What it means: It was the only name I was called by one individual every time we saw each other, Austin Davis, AKA Burn Brotha Big Daddy.

Real name: Derek Richard Loftus

What I play: Fidget/electro/house/breaks

Catch me at: I was playing somewhat regularly at the Celtic Café. Since that closed down, I try and play at Orion whenever I can, whether it is open decks or a time slot. Doesn’t matter as long as I get to play somewhere besides my living room.

Got in the game: March 2010… don’t let the lack of experience fool you!

Why I do it: Well, I’ve been spinning poi and fire poi for about four years now, being able to stay on beat with balls of fire flying around thrilled me a lot to the point where I wanted to take it one step further and actually PLAY the music I perform to.

Influences: My roommate of course, Slink-E, Chris Crisco, Slurp, Slipmatt, Calvertron, Geoff K, Bassbin Twins, Factor E, War Wobblins, the Marvelettes, DJ Dunno, Daft Punk, Znippy Kid, Gumbswitch… the list goes on

First pro gig: Ehhh professional… maybe. Me and the rest of my label, DigiSoul, played a pre-show for DEMF (Detroit’s Electronic Music Festival) AKA the Movement.

Studio work: I’m still learning Albeton as of now.

Favorite technique: Pop, chop ‘n cut.

Signature mix: There was one set in particular I did at Orion that really made me feel good.

Personal playlist: ’90s alternative, classic rock, reggae and EDM of course. Inside the club or not, I still love my EDM!

Favorite albums: Tough one. I don’t tend to remember album names.

My gear: Pioneer CDJ-800s with a Stanton mixer and some horrible stereo speakers.

Best thing about playing the Triad: The following of AMAZING friends. Those people who make this electronic scene the awesome scene it is. Plus, they love to dance their pants off! No literally, I’ve seen it happen more then a few times!


I’d like to add: Keep the scene ALIVE!