triad dj profile

by Ryan Snyder


DJ Handle: darklove.

Origin of stage name: That’s for the listener to decide.

Real name: Matt Hollingsworth What I play: Electro/dubstep/house/ hip-hop

Catch me at: Boone Monthly Invasion Party at Boone Saloon

Got in the game: 2008

Influences: RjD2, Jack Beats, Highbloo, Renaissance Man, Fake Blood, Corey LaPlante, Slurr P, Printz, Crookers.

First pro gig: Flipside (Boone)

Studio work: Finishing up a remix of Matt & Kim’s new single “Cameras” as we speak. Original production can be found on my Soundcloud page.

Favorite technique: Double drops

Signature Mix: Tons O Guns Vol. 1 was fun. They are all fun to make and party to. I mixed some Ween with some dubstep in Asheville and the crowd loved it.

Personal playlist: Clipse, Rolling Stones, RJD2, Edward Sharpe, Sleigh Bells, New Mastersounds, Massive Attack

Favorite albums: RJD2 — Deadringer and Since We Last Spoke, Clipse — Road till the Casket Drops, Daft Punk — Coachella 2006

My gear: Two Technic 1200s, M3D, Vestax Pmc 05 Pro II, Macbook, Traktor Scratch Duo


I’d like to add: Shout out to INVASION, Slurr P, J. Overcash, Fyah Babylon, Permanent Vacation, Nobu Tanaka/Ali Mousavi/Holly Pritchard/Glover Johns Photography, Deep Cover Movement.