triad dj profile

by Ryan Snyder


DJ Handle: DJ Spacecamp

What it means: I’m a five-time graduate of Space Camp. Seriously.

Real name: Dan White

What I play: My domains fall in-between 127 and 145 beats per minute. Electrohouse, Dubstep (brostep, drumstep, thugstep all included!) and an incredible amount of remixes.

Catch me at: I’m a weekly resident at ElectroFunk Fridays at Artistika.

Upcoming shows: Wednesday, Facebass at Club Orion, and at Artistika on Friday.

Got in the game: My dad stored his five- CD changer, record player and amplifier in the basement. As a kid, I discovered that you could plug a microphone in and broadcast your voice over the speakers upstairs. That was the beginning of it all.

Why I do it: There are few things more rewarding than helping other people — I happen to help other people by putting together one hell of a dance party.

Influences: Anyone who visibly has as much fun as their audiences while playing — guys like Shadow, RJD2, A-Trak and Deadmau5 at his Unhooked shows.

First pro gig: Probably for a dance in Mary Foust, my college dorm in 2006. My first weekly was in 2009 with DJ 93-J at Elliott’s Revue in Winston.

Studio work: Check I’ve got mixtapes and original tracks there.

Favorite technique: The best technique is good selection — I watch the crowd carefully and see if they’re ready to take it to the next level.

Signature mix: Uh, this one time I dropped Strong Bad’s “The System is Down” over top of a trance song. I’m not afraid to let internet memes creep into my sets.

Personal playlist: Right now, some Bonobo, Ski Beatz, the Chemical Brothers. Oh, and forget the new Girl Talk — Greg is good, but to find the gods of mashup party music, you need to hear Ludachrist’s new album, Talk is Cheap.

Favorite albums: Cut Copy — In Ghost Colors, Daft Punk — Alive 2007, Deadmau5 — For Lack of a Better Name

My gear: VDJ on my MacBook, a set of Denon CDJs and my beloved Pioneer DJM-400.


I’d like to add: A big thanks to everyone who is so supportive of me — from the folks who are dancing on the floor to all of my DJ colleagues. Anyone else miss the Lyndon Street parties?