triad dj profile

by Ryan Snyder


DJ handle: ClubHeadSLiiM

What it means: SLiiM given to me by my brother and it just stuck with me. I am in love with New Jersey, Baltimore and Philadelphia club music, hence “Clubhead” was sprung.

Real name: Dana White

What I play: Hip hop, reggae, classic house, electro house, Jersey, Baltimore and Philly club music, dubstep and moombahton

Catch me at: Electrofunk Fridays at Artistika NightClub

Got in the game: 2006

Why I do it: I witnessed some of the Jersey originals Brick Bandits spinning live and watched how they made the crowd go crazy with their slick mixes and heart-pounding mash-ups, and from there I realized I wanted to have crowds going crazy just like them.

Influences: Brick Bandits (DJ Tameil, DJ TimDolla, Mike V, DJ SLiiNK, Dj Shy, DJ Sick, DJ Sega) and the whole Ghetto Division

First pro gig: Tear the Walls Down at Stixx Club in Plainfield, NJ.

Studio work: Check out mixes and Jersey Club tracks at

Favorite technique: Clean blending and music selection

Signature mix: My most recent performance at Electro Funk Fridays Personal playlist: I’m a huge fan of Japanese music, i.e. Hikaru Utada.

Favorite Albums: Jimi Hendrix — Experience Hendrix

My gear: VDJ on HP Pavilion Denon CDJs and a Numark 1050dm mixer


I’d like to add: I would like to thank everyone who comes out to support me. Without the people, I am nothing. You are my biggest source of inspiration. I would like to thank my mentor Lou Pedrick, who has gotten me to where I am now. Also, my new manager Heleana Henderson. She’s the best I have worked with so far. I want to thank my brother again, DJ SLiiNK, he was the one who gave me my name and also taught me what he knew. Last but not least, I want to thank all of my influences. They push me to go outside of my boundaries and set new heights.