triad dj profile

by Ryan Snyder

DJ handle: DJ Weapon X

How I got it: I was an infantryman in the US Army 3rd /172nd Battalion for six years, serving tours in Germany and Iraq. Respected by my fellow soldiers for my MO, they gave the tag that I use today: Weapon X.

Real name: Lewis Lomba

What I play: Hip hop, R&B, Top 40, reggae, reggaeton. I try to be well rounded in many areas of music.

Catch me at: Zoo City Saloon In Asheboro.

Upcoming shows: Zoo City Saloon every Friday and Saturday Night, Arizona Pete’s on Jan. 13, more TBA.

Got in the game: I became a DJ at the age of 13.

Why I do it: I had an ability to move a crowd with the way I could manipulate music, so I decided to take it from house parties to clubs when I was experienced enough.

Influences: DJ Rukiz and my father.

First pro gig: A house party I did way back when.

Studio work: I have done some tracks with Audio Liquor Ent. and Kauzin Rukiz Ent., with more projects in the works now.

Favorite technique: Scratching and blending.

Signature mix: I did a remix of a 50 Cent track. It has about 60,000 plays on MySpace by itself. It blew me away on how people responded to it, much respect to my fans.

Personal playlist: I try to keep up on everything new in a wide variety of genres.

Favorite albums: I would have to say right now, Miguel’s album is pretty dope. He is a humble dude, and I had a chance to meet him a little while back.

My gear: Stanton turntables and mixer, Torq by M-audio with built-in sampler and a Toshiba laptop.


I’d like to add: I would like to thank my many fans and family for supporting me in my continued climb to success. Last year I was voted 2010 Best Performance DJ by YES! Weekly readers, and I wanted to say thank you to them. It only gets better from here, so stay tuned.