triad dj profile

by Ryan Snyder


DJ handle: DJ Gemini

How I got it: The tattoos on my forearms.

Real name: Jason “Jay” T. Eder

What I play: Top 40, hip hop, old school, some house and dance, some rock if the situation fits. Truthfully, as long as people are moving, I’m good.

Catch me at: Players in Chapel Hill every Saturday night, with the Underground, Stumble Stilskins and Shooters (Durham) occasionally. Previous regulars include SOB, Boiler Room and Liquid Lounge (Raleigh).

Got in the game: I first became a DJ in 2003 doing weddings and parties in the Raleigh area when I was 20. I finally broke into the night scene in 2007 by doing parties in Durham for Duke students and Shooters in Durham as well.

Then I expanded to clubs in Raleigh and Chapel Hill, then finally back to my hometown of Greensboro.

Why I do it: I’m nocturnal by nature so I function best at night. Making people sweat and wanting more… that’s what I enjoy. Never could get enough of reading a crowd and surprising them at the same time.

Influences: DJ AM is the only DJ I could consider an influence. Everything I learned I pretty much did on my own. When I bought my CDJs, I basically locked myself in my house for a couple months and played. I’d record it, then do it again until I developed a style.

First pro gig: I guess for my first pro gig you could call it Shooters. I mean, when the athletes there throw a party and 1,200 people are wall to wall, that’s a big event.

Studio work: I worked for G105 in Raleigh for four years. Favorite

technique: Scratch and mix, it’s what I do.

Signature mix: Where to start? Take a typical night including Top 40 and hip hop, then throw in things like “Santeria,” “Ruff Ryderz Anthem,” “Wonderwall,”

“Juicy,” “Beware of the Boys,” “Tootsie Roll,” “Ambitionz,” Journey, Queen, MJ…I’m proud each and every time.

Personal playlist: Being a DJ you develop a pretty thick skin to new music, so its tough for me to get truly into the currents. However, I never get tired of Dave Matthews, Eminem, Jay-Z, Linkin Park and OAR.

Favorite Albums: Only four albums have ever literally given me chills. Big difference between presenting a musical idea and a CD of singles. Em’s Recovery being the most recent — that album is sick. Jay- Z’s Blueprint. LPJZ is simply amazing. But Dave Matthews Live in Fenway Park. It’s truly INSANE what that band can accomplish musically. PS: I’m a former drummer so yes, I have bias.

My gear: CDJ-1000s and Tascam XS-8 mixer. Loooooooove it. No place like home. No, I do not use Serato. I have mixed and scratched by ear for years. If I could afford Serato I probably would, but only for the music library really. There is something to be said about honoring my craft by doing it just by ear.

Website: and my personal page is pending… but you can always find me on Facebook.

I’d like to add: Just want to thank everyone that goes out to support local talent. When you see me out, by all means, come up and say hey. I always enjoy meeting new people. Shout out to VWE Music and Ultimix Records.