triad dj profile


DJ handle: MaSoKiX

What it means: In my earlier years I used to go by “DNA.” One night at was at club with my friend Freddie (DJ Deafrent), I was wearing these shoes designed by Steve Aoki for Supra and they have straps that buckle all the way down them. So he turns to me and says, “Yo man, are you into S&M or something because you’re rocking the masokix!” It just exploded out of his mouth into my brain and spread like wildfire.

Real name: Joshua Don Cupit

What I play: I play house (up and down the board), dubstep, garage, drum n’ bass, breaks, downtempo/abstract, hip hop. I’ll even mash-up some rock ‘n’ roll if the occasion calls for it! Lately I’ve been really into garage revival and Moombahton, which is a style of Dutch/Swedish house slowed down to a Reggaeton speed usually not over 115 BPM, and boombachero, which is a little faster. DC has is it going on, that’s all I can say.

Catch me at: I don’t have any staple clubs that I play at weekly. I will however shout out Artistika Nightclub. I absolutely love playing there and love what they’re doing for dance culture in general, not just EDM.

Upcoming shows: This Saturday I’m playing a benefit dance party at Legitimate Business. It’s for an awesome cause and it’s going to be DANCE PARTY MADNESS! So come out and feel the rhythm and good vibes.

Why I do it: I started going to punk/hardcore shows at an early age and one night at a show I overheard some guys that were a few years older than me talking about going to a “rave” afterwards. I enquired about this and they ended up taking me along with them. I ended up at a legendary and now defunct club called “Babylon” for an event called “First Fridays.” they knew people that worked there so my 15-year-old self was able to get in. Let’s just say it was love at first beat drop. The music, the culture, the way people expressed themselves so freely and uninhibited. To me it was akin to the punk/hardcore scene except fueled by majestic pounding beats.

First pro gig: It was Nov. 15, 2000 at a party called “Mas Illusion.” The promoter went all out, made VIP laminates for all of the DJs. Good times indeed.

Favorite technique: The good ol’ double drop.

Personal playlist: I’m very eclectic that’s all I can say without taking up this entire publication.

My gear: Laptop, turntables, various mixers, Serato, Ableton.

Website:, vivalamasokix

I’d like to add: I’d like to give a shout out to my boys in GET RUDE!, big up to L in Japanese, my homie AC Slater and the Trouble & Bass Crew/Party Like Us Records, and all of my fellow DJs/producers/musicians making those feet stomp to the beat worldwide. ONE LOVE.