triad dj profile

by Ryan Snyder


Real name: Jodi Kimball

DJ handle: DJSK

What it means: It was given to me by a friend, he just put a D in front of my initials and there it was.

What I play: Hip hop, Top 40, Reggae, house, electro and whatever else it takes to get the crowd motivated. All in the context of a hip-hop DJ.

Catch me at: Right now I am at the Blind Tiger on Wednesday, Greene Street on Thursday, Azule on Friday and then I split time between a few different clubs around the state on Saturday.

Upcoming shows: March 23r DJ Forge and myself will be playing for Red Bull at Charleston, SC Fashion Week, and then April 6-11 I will be in Los Angeles DJing the National Collegiate Wakeboard Championships, along with some afterparties for Empire Wake.

Got in the game: I got my first set of tables around 1996.

Why I do it: I grew up with my parents owning a Disco in the late ’70s and early ’80s in Michigan. My brothers, who were in their teens and twenties when I was young, all DJed at the club. The economy went bad and we moved to New Jersey after my parents lost their club. As hip hop became more popular I started to hear all the songs of my early childhood being sampled and reworked and I wanted to be a part of that. It started with B-boying and rapping and developed into DJing.

Influences: J. Rocc of the Beat Junkies is my biggest influence, I just like his whole style of mixing. Also Jazzy Jeff, Kid Capri, Z-Trip, DJ Faust, Swoon Unit and my crew Jukebox Heroes.

First pro gig: Pablo’s in Winston-Salem with DJ Faust, it was when I first started and he made me look BAD!

Studio work: I am on two Urban Sophisticates records, a record called Walk My Shoes by Ethamadassasin and a mixtape here and there.

Favorite technique: Beat juggle.

Signature mix: All of them!

Personal playlist: Lots of Reggae, hip hop and NPR.

Favorite albums: All of Ghostface Killah’s records, Public Enemy — Fear of a Black Planet, Q-bert — Wave Twisters, A Tribe Called Quest — Midnight Marauders and others too numerous to list.

My gear: Two Technics 1200 MK2 Turntables, Rane TTM 56 mixer, 15-inch Mac- Book Pro, Serato, Pioneer EFX-500, Sony Headphones and Ortaphon needles.


I’d like to add: Don’t bite! Practice your craft and don’t undercut your fellow DJs.