triad dj profile

by Ryan Snyder


DJ Handle: FNDJ — The People’s DJ

What it means: Name of my company, Friendly Neighborhood DJ,

Real name: John Haskins

What I play: Top 40, hip hop and R&B (new and old school), ’80s and ’90s pop, new wave, house, electro, funk, dancerock, various unexpected twists that pop into my head at any given moment… and dancing requests.

Upcoming shows: Thursday, March 17 — the Pour House; Friday, March 18 — Mod Bar; Saturday, March 19 — Mod Bar

Got in the game: In November 1990 when I got my FCC license and started doing shows for WUSC-FM as an on-air personality.

Influences: Larry Levan, DJ Shadow, Kaskade, DJ AM.

First pro gig: Radio: WNOK-FM Columbia, SC; Club: Tonic, Clemmons

Signature Mix: Sugarland’s “All I Want To Do” into J-Kwon’s “Tipsy.” Originally I heard James Brown’s “Funky Drummer” in my head, but “Tipsy” ended up sounding better to me… and the crowd reaction positive or negative is priceless!

My gear: Two Pioneer CDJ 800s, Pioneer DJM 800 mixer, two JBL PRX 635s, Audio DJ 8 soundcard, ASUS G73JW laptop and… VIRTUAL DJ!


I’d like to add: I try my very best to remember that I perform for the people who come out looking to dance and have a good time. While I want to challenge them, I first and foremost want to please and entertain them. A good request can open me up and take my evening in an unexpected and different place musically. I hope that my ears stay open to new music and I appreciate the young cats out there playing and pushing the boundaries; I always listen to as much music as possible even things I don’t think I’d ever spin, it can change the way I hear things. I’m so grateful to be doing this for a living and I hope that all DJs understand our worth as performers. More people that hire us need to know the investment in time and money it takes to do this with quality and professionalism. The technology is so advanced than from when I started 20 years ago; it’s okay to ask for more than what we were making 20 years ago.