triad dj profile

by Ryan Snyder

DJ Handle: DJ Linoge

What it mean: It’s an anagram for legion.

Real name: Derek J. Buchanan

What I play: Mainly dubstep and deathstep, but also house and trance.

Catch me at: I jump around the Rock Hill, SC and Charlotte areas, but I do weekly shows at Toyo in Rock Hill.

Upcoming shows: April 9th at Freddie’s on Marshall in Winston-Salem; April 11 at Brewsky’s in Greensboro; April 14: The Fyi Dubstep Crew at Toyo.

Got in the game: I started messing around in the party scene on my 15 th birthday, and with house and drum-andbass about four months later.

Why I do it: I love music and listening to the DJs so much that I got cold chills while listening to electronic music. Then I found myself trying to figure out what songs would go together in my head. Eventually that got old, so I bought turntables. Since then I have gone through several style changes, but my heart belongs to dubstep and deathstep!

Influences: Dieselboy, Pendulum, Bassnectar, Datsik, Excision, Crispy, FYI Crew (Tony Dubz and Will Love — awesome local guys), Whitechapel, Suicide Silence and Big Chocolate.

First pro gig: First gig was at Hickory Armory. I was 15 years old so I think 1995. I was so nervous I pulled the wrong record at one point which brought on total silence. To make matters worse the lights were sound controlled so literally the whole place came to a stop. I recov ered

and catch myself to this day double checking!

Studio work: I do all my own recordings and recently got into producing my own beats.

Favorite technique: Out of all styles I would have to say I love juggling beats. It really takes dubstep styles to a new level.

Signature mix: I would have to say all of them. To this date anytime I hear a great mix I get cold chills.

Personal playlist: I enjoy everything from classical to old-school country. Not big on new-school rap.

Favorite albums: Pendulum’s entire discography, Dieselboy — Substance D, Slick Rick — The Art of Storytelling

My gear: Either turntables or a Numark NS7s with Serato

Website: and currently in process of getting an actual website.

I’d like to add: Special thanks to all my fans that support me! Including Karen and Larry Church, Keith and Jane Buchanan, Brooke Buchanan, Ashley Miller, Toyo (Jae Joung and Tavis Krepps) and FYI Crew (Tony Dubs and Will Love)

Booking Info: 803.370.9256 (ask for Brooke) or