triad dj profile

by Ryan Snyder


DJ Handle: Lotta No!ze

What it means: No real meaning behind it. Just wanted to come up with a name that wasn’t already being used.

Real name: Kamal Crumblin

What I play: format. I dabble in a lil bit of everything, but I love electro, breakbeat, dubstep and old-school hip hop.

Catch me at: Prohibition (Charlotte) and Allure (Greensboro)

Upcoming shows: Venue (Greensboro) April 27 and29, Prohibition (Charlotte) May 6, Allure (Greensboro) May 7

Doing this since: 2001

Why I do it: I never said to myself one day, “I wanna be a DJ.” It just kinda happened. I was in a pawn shop one day and a guy was pawning his DJ equipment he apparently no longer wanted. The shop employee had to test everything out to be sure it worked properly and he just happened to put on one of my favorite records at the time, so of course I was feelin’ it and thought it would be cool to be able to mix music at the house. To make a long story short, I ended upa buying it, taught myself everything and started playing music at my house when people would come over. Next thing you know, I was doing other house parties and then it just took off from there.

Influences: DJ Jazzy Jeff, DJ Premier, DJ AM, DJ Yonny, DJ Scene and the list goes on. Shout out to the homie DJ Currancy who was an early influence. I learned a lot from him, but I have since surpassed him and will now destroy him on the tables, LOL!

First pro gig: A small bar that was in Winston-Salem called Renaissance.

Studio work: I try to put together a mixtape every month of my favorite jams and the hottest club bangers for my fans to enjoy. I’m starting to work with audio editing software, so hopefully you’ll be hearing some of my own personal remixes soon!

Favorite technique: Crabbing, even though I haven’t come close to perfecting it. I also like to beat juggle.

Signature mix: It’s tough to say because I’m never satisfied. I’m always like, “Man, just wait until my next mix. It’s gonna be sick!”

Personal playlist: All genres of Electronic Dance Music… period. I still love my hip hop though. Real hip hop, not this commercialized stuff that local radio plays and that people accept as “hot” just cause the radio plays it.

My gear: Technics 1200 MK5 turnatbles, Rane TTM 57 mixer, Macbook Pro, Serato Scratch Live

Website:, twitter/DJLottaNoize

I’d like to add: I just wanna thank everyone who has supported me throughout my career as a DJ. It’s truly a blessing to be able to sustain a career expressing myself creatively through music, which is my passion. Shoutout to the homies @ DJSK1, @djforge, @DJYona, @djpdubnc, @DVDJKingpin, @DJ_818, @djhekyeh, @ the1djweaponx, @DJSPINNY1, @_DJ84_. Let’s party!