triad dj profile

by Ryan Snyder


DJ Handle: DJ Supa Skip

What it means: Skip was already my nickname. Some peeps called me Skip-A- Beat, anywho… my last name is Clark, I was a comicbook kid growing up, Clark Kent is Superman’s real name, so Super became Supa… and Supa Skip had a nice ring to it and it stuck.

Real name: Jeffery A. Clark What I play: Hip hop, Top 40, Electro, house, dubstep, rock, old school, ’80s, ’90s… everything that you want to party to basically… and some stuff you forgotten you like to party to.

Catch me at: Suite Nightclubs throughout the US (Jacksonville, Milwaukee and Cincinnati) with my main spot being the Suite at Epicenter in Charlotte. I also throw down at Whiskey River in Charlotte and Solas in Raleigh, along with Impulse Nightclub in Charleston, WV. I’m in Myrtle Beach the whole month of June at various nightclubs!

Got in the game: 1997/1998 in Myrtle Beach, SC.

Why I do it: Short of it was I loved music but was never good at being in a band or playing an instrument. As soon as I found out about DJing, it all made sense to me, and it just clicked.

Influences: I could write a book of influential DJs… DJ Jimmy Jams taught me to spin… sad we are no longer close, DJ AM (RIP), Mix Master Mike, DJ Jazzy Jeff, DJ Mike B, A-Trak, Z Trip, Roc Raida (RIP), Jam Master Jay, Q Bert, DJ Five & Roctakon. Also I want to mention DJ’s Dirty, Rowshay, & Frenzy. These guys are DJs of awesomeness and guys that have my back in this crazy DJ game.

Studio work: I have tons of remixes and re-edits on & I also have had two releases with Aaron Sigmon on two different labels… Bounce 2 Tha Beat and Be Good to the Beat respectively. You can also find some stuff on

Personal playlist: Recently added Chaka Khan’s Ain’t Nobody to my iPhone, also that guy Porter Robinson from NC has some NASTY wobble wobble stuff, so he is also on my radar.

Favorite albums: Duran Duran — Rio, Michael Jackson — Thriller, Lionel Richie — Can’t Slow Down and Dancing On The Ceiling, Beastie Boys — Licensed to Ill, Run DMC — Raising Hell, Def Leopard — Hysteria, Prince — Purple Rain, Notorious BIG — Ready To Die and Life After Death, DJ Icey — Essential Mix, Daft Punk — Homework and Discovery

My gear: Two Technics 1200s, Rane 57 Mixer, MacBook Pro, Serato and “The Force” (YES! I got a Star Wars reference in there!) Website:, djsupaskip,

I’d like to add: People of the world that like to go clubbing, dance and drink please. Pop bottles all night long if it make you happy, but leave the party rocking to the professional DJs. Most of us (I won’t say all) know what we are doing and are going to play music in a hip way that is gonna make you want to party and dance all night. If we don’t play your request or if we play a song you are not familiar with, don’t get bent out of shape, enjoy the show and dance to all the other 200 songs we know you like. Don’t let one song ruin your night! Besides that PARTY ON!