triad dj profile

by Ryan Snyder


DJ handle: DJ NaPalm

What it means: A play on my last name. When I think napalm, I think. “BOOM!” and my mixes are hot, like Napalm!

Real name: James Palmer

What I play: I mainly spin Top 40, rap, hip hop, rock and old school. I also like mixing EDM (electronic dance music), like dubstep and drum n’ bass.

Catch me at: Club Orion

Upcoming shows: Half Price Mondays at Club Orion. Monday nights are always packed, it’s a great time.

Got in the game: About two years ago.

Why I do it: I started out small, just for fun. Never expected it to grow like it has the last couple years. It’s still just something I do mainly for fun and a little bit of running money. I have a full-time job in sales by day, so it limits me to only DJing a night or two a week.

Influences: I love to smooth blend and beat match rock vs. rap and listening to the radio show “Scratch and Sniff” may have been a factor in that. Other than that I would say I pretty much have my own style and do my own thing.

First pro gig: It was for a friend that owns Zion Bar and Grille in Greensboro.

Studio work: I record some of my mixes with the program I use and I make my own tracks with that same program right here at home.

Favorite technique: Looping and beat matching for extra smooth transitions.

Signature mix: I have a 60-minute live dance mix I recorded that I named “King Napalm Muzik,” which is ultra sick.

Personal playlist: 100.3 the Buzz and Octane on satellite radio. I grew up in the ’90s so I love alternative rock and ’90s grunge. I also like some rap.

My gear: HP Pavillion DV4 Laptop with Virtual DJ, Behringer amp, two Behringer 12-inch two-way speakers, two Numark TT1910 Direct Drive turntables, Numark M3 mixer, Shure SM57 microphone, Sony headphones. But at most clubs I just hook right into the house PA.

Website: I’m on Facebook at

I’d like to add: You can contact me at 336.327.2109 if you have an upcoming event or party that needs a DJ. I’m also looking to book some weekly stuff, during the week or on weekends. Please “like” my page on Facebook. Special thanks to all you guys that come to my shows and show love, it means a lot!