triad dj profile

by Ryan Snyder

DJ handle: Wesley E

Why it means: I didn’t want anything too out there and since many people can’t say my last name right, I decided to make it easy on everyone.

Real name: Wesley Elam

What I play: Indie rap, indie R&B/soul, instrumental beats, anything I consider “flava.” Definitely no Top 40 commercial rap and R&B. In my opinion, the majority of it is garbage.

Catch me at: “The Flava Lab,” WQFS 90.9 FM Guilford College radio, Thursdays. I’ve been doing this show for 16 years.

Upcoming shows: Every Thursday night from 8-10 p.m. and Let the Beat Build Benefit show at Glenwood Coffee & Books on Saturday.

Got in the game: On the radio, Jan. 1993; parties/events, 1995.

Why I do it: I have always been told I had a good radio voice; as for parties, I accumulated enough music growing up and copies from the station, I had the music so it seemed only right. Plus I wanted to show there are artists in the world still making music worth listening to; music with something worth listening AND a good beat and not just a beat.

Influences: DJ Polo gets down on the tables; RJD2 rocks a crowd well too.

First pro gig: Guilford College party in Bryan Hall back in the ’90s.

Studio work: I created a mixtape series awhile back, Test Tube Babies vol. 1-4; plus other mixtapes also posted on my podcast page.

Favorite technique: I am mainly a blend DJ these days.

Signature mix: A project called Giving Thanks, mix I did of original music that many of today’s rappers and R&B singers sampled and used. It pays homage to the real music creators. It was something I put together around Thanksgiving last year.

Personal playlist: Old school (’86-’93) rap, tracks from my older radio shows, Samiyam, Tokimonsta, and projects from international beatmakers

Favorite albums: Gangstarr — Hard to Earn, BDP — By All Means Necessary, Sha Stimuli — Hotter Than July mixtape, Tony Hussle — Sexy Freaky Electric, Black Milk — Album of the Year, Joell Ortiz — The Brick (Bodega Chronicles), Boog Brown & Apollo Brown — Brown Study, Kelly Love Jones — Portrait of a Sole Artist

My gear: Technics 1200s, Behringer mixer, Tascam CD players/Numark ICDX. I’m mainly old school still; records and CDs/mp3s


I’d like to add: Rest In Peace to the homey Vialata F and my condolences to his family and all friends that knew him.