triad dj profile

by Ryan Snyder


DJ handle: Ghostnote

What it means: The ghost note is one of my favorite techniques as a drummer and is used widely in drum ‘n bass. It is subtle yet it adds so much depth to percussion.

Real name: Caleb Reed

Upcoming shows: Aug. 6 at FACEBASS at Club Orion. This will be an all vinyl throwdown for our fearless leader’s — Jason CREWLESS Honeycutt — day of birth. Aug. 14 at TimeOut Sports Bar in Kernersville, which will be a tag session with SQuare D. There will be a lot of great tag sessions going on at this one: Luna Jade and Redstar, Tsweet and Tru Pain, Spunge and Mario, and Yellowfever. Aug. 24 is FACEBASS and this will be part one of my birthday bash! Aug. 29 will be part two and my actual birthday which it will be at Brewski’s Tavern.

Got in the game: I became a DJ in 2004. I fell in love with electronic music. I had been playing since I was 12 in rock, punk and metal bands but something really spoke to me when it came to electronic music, so I bought a wretched pair of Gemini turntables and went full-steam ahead.

Why do it: I became a DJ because it gave me full control over my musical world. I am the master and commander. I love digging for new tunes and dropping them at parties. This soon led to production, which is where I really became enamored by the ability to have complete control over the music I was creating. The drums were mine the melody, the bass, the structure, all of it was mine. It is a liberating feeling that I, to this day, love, appreciate and respect.

Influences as a DJ: My biggest and first influence as a DJ will always be DJ Dara. His albums changed me and when I saw him live. I knew that I had seen a living legend and someone who had perfected their craft and yet still made strives to become better.

First pro gig: My first gig was at the old Ziggy’s in Winston-Salem in the back bar area. I was 20 and so nervous it was ridiculous. I got to play with one of my favorite local DJs at the time, Danja Mouse (NOT Danger Mouse), so I was pretty pumped about that. I sucked really badly that night.

Favorite technique: My favorite technique would have to the squatting monkey super ultra three finger flying Jamaican dub punch headbutt elbow crane kick. It can kill a man in four seconds flat.

Personal playlis: I am a giant music nerd. I listen to EVERYTHING. Locally, I am down with Cloacal Kiss, Wretched, Uzzard, Barrow, Braveyoung, Bronzed Chorus, Ed E. Ruger and anything the Dub-boro does. I am a huge fan of Samamidon, Dillinger Escape Plan, Venetian Snares, Pedro the Lion, Bone Thugs n Harmony and Immortal Technique, to name a few.

My gear: Tiny ties, regular ties, sweater vests, cut-off dress pants. For production, I use Reason and microKorg as well as other MIDI controllers and I am beginning to get involved with Ableton. Live, I use Serato or just vinyl.


I’d like to add: Shout out to everyone who has given me a gig or let me throw a party in their basement. TEAM Facebass, the Booth Crew, the 382, my main man SQuare D. Also, if you are interested in any Ghostnote merch then just hit me up on Facebook and I will make it happen.