triad dj profile

by Ryan Snyder


DJ handle: DJ Krush

What it means: It was given to me by a friend.

Real name: Josh Crutchfield

What I play: Just about everything, but mostly Top 40 and hip hop.

Catch me at: College Nights at Arizona Pete’s with 107.5 KZL once a month, Mod Bar in Winston-Salem on Saturday Nights, and I cover from time to time for DJ Flipside out at Bucked Up on Thursday nights, which I’ll be doing this Thursday and Friday.

Got in the game: I started DJing back in June 2003 at the InZone in Kernersville.

Why I do it: I have had a love for music since I was very young. I learned to play the drums at the age of 8 and I have been hooked to beats since. I became a DJ because I love beats and all kinds of music. I love to see people have a great time dancing to what I am throwing out at them I guess the reaction is an addiction.

Influences: My influences would have to be Mix Master Mike of the Beastie Boys, DJ Qbert, Grandmaster Flash, DJ A.M., DJ Jazzy Jeff, DJ Lord of Public Enemy, Jam Master Jay of Run-DMC and Mathematics of Wu Tang Clan.

First pro gig: When I opened up for Afroman and 2 Live Crew and in High Point. Crazy show is all I can say.

Favorite technique: Crab Scratch.

Signature mix: I love all my mixes, but my favorite is the “Teach Me How To Dougie” beat with the “I Got Five On It” vocal from Luniz.

Personal playlist: Outside of the club I listen to everything. I love all music.

Favorite albums: 2Pac — All Eyes On Me, but also anything by the Roots.

My gear: I use two Technic 1200MK2 tunrtables and Rane TTM 57SL 2 Channel Mixer with Serato Scratch Live.

Contact:, or For bookings, call me at 336.409.2448.

I’d like to ad: If you love music, and love to dance and have a good time, then come check me out. I love to make new friends so don’t be shy. Hope to see you guys soon.