triad dj profile

by Ryan Snyder


DJ Handle: Will Love

What it means: I just use my real name.

What I play: Drum & bass/dubstep/glitch/electro

Catch me at: The Loft, Garage at Biltmore, Buku, Halo, Escape, the Phoenix, Salsaesque, Marigny Dance Club, Club Orion/FaceBass and various bars and clubs in the tri-state area.

Upcoming shows: Sept. 23-Merlin at Marigny in Charlotte, Oct. 28-SCREAM!!!! at Marigny.

Got in the game: When I was 17.

Why I do it: I was always into EDM, but had been a guitarist for a few garage bands in the early ’90s but nothing ever stuck. People argued and nothing ever got done. I was at this massive party when I went down to a dark basement where I thought the DJ was fucking around playing a 33RPM record on 45RPM. The rhythm never stopped and neither did any of the dancers in that room. Turned out to be LTJ Bukem. I had been indoctrinated into jungle and never looked back. I sold my guitar and amp and bought my first lot of records and a pair of headphones and said f*ck it.

Influences: First and foremost The FYI Crew, OneDuz, ND Skyz, BZ, Tony Dubz and working with Laura from TOPDOWN Productions, my newest affiliation. No other force on planet earth has shaped me more than my crew and friends in the local scene, which are way too many to name. I’m venturing into the “live” aspect of performing, but I’m doing it right so when its done everyone will know why I didn’t spin the music, I made it.

First pro gig: I have absolutely no clue… Some random hole in the wall in Wilmington that probably doesn’t exist anymore.

Studio work: The two netcasts I do (“The HiJack” on 247drumandbass and “The Slow and Low” on GenxGlow), but production is my top priority right now. I’ve been digging deep and it’s been long days and nights staring at screens and manuals, but it’s what I need.

Favorite technique: Layering/resampling.

Signature mix: Ahh, that’s a painful memory as it’s a cassette tape long lost over a decade ago, although I’m real proud of the dubstep mix I have on Soundcloud, “Low Swing Swagga.”

Personal playlist: The exact same stuff I listen to inside a club, but bands include the Postal Service, Wu Tang, Mars Volta, the Roots, the Doors, BIG, My Morning Jacket, the Cure, NIN, Tool, Nirvana, Meshuggah, Candria, Skinny Puppy, MF Doom, Aesop Rock.

Favorite albums: Ed Rush & Optical — Wormhole, Jonny L — Magnetic, Photek — Modus Operandi, NIN — Pretty Hate Machine, Mars Volta — Bedlam in Goliath, Nirvana — Bleach, Bad Company — Inside the Machine

My gear: Xone 4D, Maschine, APC40, Novation SL, 2xcdj-1000mkIII, Serato SL3 and a few other random cards and a ton of software.

Websites: / / /

I’d like to add: The scene is only as good as you make it. Check out my crew, events, music, and come say hi.