triad dj profile

by Ryan Snyder


DJ handle: DJ Savage

What it means: In my younger years, I was a party animal. One minute I would be spinning, five minutes later I’d be on the dance floor while still spinning, so people started calling me a savage; it just stuck with me.

Real name: Danjon Meredith

What I play: I actually still spin occasionally but host a lot now mainly.

Upcoming shows: Each and every Thursday at Lotus Lounge

When you became a DJ: I became a DJ officially back in 2003.

Influences: DJ Jazzy Jeff, DJ Jelly, DJ Drama

First pro gig: It was in fall of 2006 when I played at the Greensboro Ballroom.

Studio work: I have a lot of mixtapes on, just search DJ Savage, and I also run a studio and produce records under the banner Team Fresh Muzik Group.

Favorite technique: Transitions, because they are definitely essential to the mix.

Signature mix: Probably my first mixtape One Last Kiss Vol.1. I mixed it all the way though, nonstop at 70 minutes.

Personal playlist: Jay-Z, Wiz Khalifa, Big Sean, Big KRIT, Linkin Park

Favorite albums: Webbie — Savage Life 1&2, Outkast — Aquemini, Jay-Z — The Blueprint, Linkin Park — Minutes To Midnight

My gear: Pioneer CDJ-1000s, Rane mixer, Serato

Website: (under construction) and twitter/djsavage704.

I’d like to add: Come check me out at Lotus on Thursdays and be on the lookout for more events fro Team Fresh Productions.