triad dj profile


DJ handle: DJ Dichotomy

What it means: I have always worked with differing styles of music, and DJing is no different: I grew up doing church music, jazz, and musical theatre; in college I did music technology, voice and trombone, and played in a heavy metal band; I have my masters in opera, etc. Lately, I’ve been a stay-at-home dad by day, and no matter how late I’m out gigging or spinning, the kids still get up 7 a.m. (if I’m lucky). The name just seems to speak to my whole life.

Real name: Joshua Moyer

What I play: I prefer dubstep, drum-nbass, house and electro; I’ll play almost anything to keep people dancing.

Catch me at: I’m just getting my name out there in regard to DJ-ing, so, aside from a few recent local gigs, I’ve been practicing in my studio.

Upcoming shows: Sept. 29 — Unground Inbassion @ MOD Bar with Tcp0, Redstar and Luna Jade, Oct. 33 — Monday night Mayhem @ Brewski’s Tavern, Oct. 29 — Castle of Darkness @ Castle McCulloch

Got in the game: The date is negotiable: I started out in college, but in regard to getting serious about it, fairly recently.

Why I do it: I’ve always been fanatical about EDM music. It’s only recently that my wife has urged me to follow my passion, and get back on the club scene, and I’m grateful that things are really taking off.

Influences: Keoki, GTFO, LTJ Bukem, Richard Vission, Squarepusher

First pro gig: A club called the Underground in my college town. I spun all techno and trance — the preppy kids hated it, so I didn’t last long!

Studio work: I have my own production studio where I do a number of things: record my own music, mix and master for other artists, produce, voiceover work, notation. I’ve put out three albums of singer/songwriter originals and remixes. I’m in progress on a new album of electronic/rock reduxes of some familiar tunes and opera arias.

Favorite technique: I enjoy mixing in a capella bits that you wouldn’t normally expect, like Marilyn Manson or Bob Marley vocals. I’d like to start mixing in some live guitar and hand drums into my sets as well.

Signature mix: musicjoshua/dubstep-promo-mix

Personal playlist: Absolutely everything.

Favorite albums: Skrillex — Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites, Squarepusher — Big Loada, the Prodigy — The Fat of the Land, Bad Boy Bill & Richard Humpty Vission — House Connection 2

My gear: In the studio I use Logic Pro 9, live I use Numark gear with a midi controller and Virtual DJ Pro.