triad dj profile

by Ryan Snyder


DJ handle: Radius

What it means: My friend Andrew used to DJ with me, and his initials were ARC. Arc + Radius (as in geometry) were our performance names. Now, I’m in school for osteo research, and Radius (as in the bone) still pertains. It just kind of stuck, I’m a science geek, what can I say?

Real name: Lisa Ellisor

What I play: House, speed garage, 2-step garage, breaks, and jump up drum and bass. I love that old-school sound with the timestretched vocals, and dark, rolling bass lines.

I’m kind of a purist and stick to a vinyl format with real turntables.

Catch me at: Facebass at Orion in Greensboro. I took about four years out of the game and I’m now breaking back in.

Upcoming shows: Wednesday at Brewski’s Tavern in Greensboro at HUGE Electronic Music Showcase

Got in the game: Around 1999 Why I do it: When Spins was open on Lawndale Drive, I used to spend hours in there after school. Ed Lebrun, the owner, gave me my first dance record, and I’m pretty sure it was KLF, Last Train to Transcentral. I’ve always been a music nerd, but after seeing the magic that Ed, and also my buddy Will Shea (AKA Dubz) did in that store with records, I was hooked. I went to a lot of DJ events back in the mid-‘90s and wanted to learn to spin so bad. Ed gave me my first lesson my first year of college. He was killed shortly thereafter. Between the fantastic experience of going to events and honoring his memory, I kept at it.

Influences: Mostly, my friends that were local DJ’s: Ed LeBrun, Dubz, Groov-E, Craig Vaughn, Vivid, Dimension. National talent includes Armand Van Helden, DJ Dan, Charles Feelgood, Scott Henry, Blaze, Derrick Carter, Double 99, Bassment Jaxx and Groove Armada, along with a ton of others.

First pro gig: I had a ton of gigs at weeklies and one-off parties, but my first consistent paycheck came in 2002, when I had a residency at Liquid Lounge in Charlotte.

Favorite technique: Long, slow blending and fading, teasing people into a massive bass drop.

Signature mix: I had a great crowd to work at a booking at the Berkeley Cafe in Raleigh, and I dropped Wu-Tang over a gnarly speed garage beat, and the crowd gave me so much energy that it was nuts! I was beaming, and all I saw was hands raised and lighters up.

What you listen to outside of the club: A lot of dance music, a little bit of shoegaze and old-school hip hop.

Favorite albums: 187 Lockdown, Basement Jaxx — Remedy, the Cure — Disintegration, Nine Inch Nails — Broken, Jay-Z — The Black Album, all the old lineup of Wu Tang, and anything by She Wants Revenge. I’m all over the map!

My gear: Numark TT or Technic 1200s, and I have a four channel Vestax Mixer. I spent so long being a vagabond DJ playing on borrowed or rented equipment that I can play just about any kind of setup.

Website: pages/DJ-Radius/203533159670107

I’d like to add: Keep vinyl alive. Every DJ should have it in their arsenal.