triad dj profile

by Ryan Snyder


DJ handle:

JumpTechnique (originally PAN).

What it means: The sub-sub-sub-genre I play is called Jump Tech. You can use your imagination with the rest.

Real name:

Damian Red

What I play:

Dance floor bangertype drum and bass, the stuff that literally forces you to dance.

Catch me at: I play at FaceBass and Brewskis Tavern occasionally. Upcoming shows: Jan. 16, Monday Mayhem at Brewskis and Jan. 28, FaceBass at Club Orion.

Got in the game: 1997

Why I do it: I was a party promoter back then in south Florida, and there were very few D&B DJs I could book, so I figured I should do it myself!

Influences: The English and south Florida cultures, as well as my crew, QDRF (Quick Dancefloor Reactionary Force).

First pro gig: I played underground raves all around south Florida, then I got a residency at Respectable Street in downtown West Palm Beach in 1999. Respectable Street actually is the oldest dance club in the South!

Studio work: I actually write electro breaks and electro hip hop.

Favorite technique: Phrasing, cutting and double drops.

Signature mix: Most recently a mix that can be found on soundcloud/jumptechnique called “1234.”

Personal playlist: Drum and bass, believe it or not! And a bit of electronic influenced Indie stuff as well.

Favorite albums: Anything by my favorite producers: Twisted Individual, Dillinja, Bassline Smith, Clipz, DJ Hazzard.

My gear: Im a 100 percent vinyl DJ.

I feel drum and bass just has a deeper impact off vinyl. MPC 2000Xl, MFC42, Mac with GURU, Reason, Focusrite compressor, etc.

Website: soundcloud/jumptechnique,

I’d like to add: For bookings: Don Amick, Carpe Noctem, damick01@gmail. com, 803.381.4643.