triad dj profile

by Ryan Snyder


DJ handle: Lord Walrus

What it means: I don’t remember how I came up with it, but it was like 11 years ago. I hate it now, but it’s probably too late to change it. If I could pick a new name, I don’t even know what I’d pick, but it’d probably be something that’s funny for a year before I regret again.

Real name: Jason Maddox

What I play: The standard that everyone plays: rap, electro, house, electronic, dubstep and all the subgenres that fall under those broad umbrellas.

Catch me at: Wilmington, Raleigh, Greenville, Charlotte and Chapel Hill monthlies with my party Dirty Mega (a Permanent Vacation joint). I’m looking to add Greensboro to that list. Also, catch me Thursdays at Red Dogs in Wrightsville Beach and some other places weekly that come and go.

Got in the game: Around 1998 after watching Roc Raidas part in Mixtape.

Why I do it: Prior to seeing Raida in Mixtape, I was super into scratching on albums. I was always deep into hip hop, skating, graffiti, etc. After that 90-second routine in Mixtape, I set out to buy tables and a mixer. It’s not like today where you’re a DJ just because you have an internet connection and “love music.” I had to save up money, buy equipment, get records and actually learn a skill that took time. It was a process. I didn’t DJ outside of my bedroom for well over a year. That was the norm. Now it’s dumb. It’s flooded with terrible DJs, but that’s an old-man rant that everyone over the age of 25 has. I got into DJ-ing for turntablism and that led to being a well-rounded DJ in general.

Influences: Then: X-Men, rap music, my friends, not wanting to work a real job. Now: Money, hanging out in different cities, not working a real job, my friends and being extremely famous.

First pro gig: No idea. Depends on what constitutes professional. Maybe a house party.

Studio work: A bunch of mixtapes. My mixtapes are really the only mixtapes I listen to. I don’t have patience for other people’s mixtapes, but mine are like a collection of my favorite songs. They are on the internet. There’s like 10 going back years. I have original songs as well, but I never like them so I don’t flood them out there. Slowly I grow to like my stuff more and more so maybe in the next 10 years.

Favorite technique: I guess quick-trick mixing when appropriate. It’s sad, but techniques almost don’t even exist in DJ-ing now. It really is all automated for most kids. So I guess my favorite technique is all of them. All the techniques and skills I’ve learned that 90 percent of “DJs” don’t even know exist.

Signature mix: The last mix is up at I also go off on tangents though and play weird songs at the ends of them all. Also on the SoundCloud are two tracks by the new NC artist Princess.

Personal playlist: Hardcore, pop music, pop-country. IDM (lots of the japanese variety), Stranger Day.

Favorite albums: Hardest question ever.

Everything But The Girl — Amplified Heart. Reversal of Man — This Is Medicine (always) Crucial Unit — The 7ins. Tim McGraw — Greatest Hits. The latest Rist and Haruka Nakamura albums. New Minority Unit. Faith Hill and Trisha Yearwood. New, not yet released Stranger Day album. Africa Heat freestyle sessions. My new Straight Edge rap group’s album whenever that comes out, Jaheim.

My gear: Technic 1200s. Rane 56. Serato. Magic.

Website:, (permanent vacation website) I’d like to add: Clubs, you need to book your boy in Greensboro. They don’t call me the World’s Greatest DJ for nothing. I can play whatever format you need and crush it. Also, everyone come to my monthly party Dirty Mega!

If it’s not in your city, let’s make one happen there. Support Permanent Vacation. Add me on the Facebook so i can spam you with event invites: Later.