triad dj profile

by Ryan Snyder


DJ handle: Glo-Ko

Why I use it: I love the energy of the scene. I love how people dress up and really submerse themselves in the show. Glow gear adds to the ambiance in the low lit environments. My friends call me Kogs and we all would get tons of glow gear and go crazy at these shows. So I combined myself and an iconic rave accesory to breed…. GLO-KO! Haha!

Real name: Brandon Koger

What I play: I love high energy, intricate music that always keeps the listener guessing. I also like variety, so I try and incorporate many different genres. We all have our favorite and a show is a wicked blend of different tastes and styles to create a beautiful chaos. I mainly play dubstep, glitch hop, and drumstep.

Catch me at: At the moment, parties and venues in the Charlotte area. I’ve just started booking shows in other cities and hope to expand all over.

Upcoming shows: The Chop Shop in Charlotte, Wednesday. The Black Cat Lounge in Fayetteville, Friday. The WaveHouse in Charlotte, Sunday.

Got in the game: I would say somewhere in July 2010.

Why I do it: I had been playing guitar for about six years at the time and found it hard to find people that actually had the drive to make something happen in that aspect of music. I had a few fleeting bands and was able to record a few songs on basic versions of Cubase. One of my friends I jammed with regularly introduced me to the new age EDM and I was HOOKED! I saw my first EDM show featuring Perileyes, Medisin, Excision and Mindelixir at the now closed Club 828 in Asheville on July 9, 2010. After that, it was game time.

Influences: Pretty Lights, Drekken, Cyberoptics, Break Science, Red Hot Chili Peppers, NiT Grit, MiMOSA, Big Gigantic, Datsik, the Glitch Mob, Incubus, MartyParty, Mindelixir, Subvert, Bassnectar, Toubab Krewe, Zomboy, Flux Pavilion, Borgore, Doctor P and anyone who tries to bring something different to the scene.

First pro gig: It was at Dharma Lounge in Charlotte on Jan. 7, 2011. I spun with Your Dirty Habit, Unknown Users and Slash Beats. I had met Dave Galloway of Your Dirty Habit at a show he was playing with John B at the Forum (now Phoenix) in Charlotte when I was just starting to DJ. After a few months to get my groove down, he asked me to play with him.

Studio work: I just recently got some legit studio gear. I’ve been primarily focused on mastering DJing and learning the different techniques these artists bring. I’ve currently got a 5-song EP I’m working on which is set to release sometime in June.

Favorite technique: Drops that trip the listener up. There is an established rhythmic and melodic structure to most of the “popular” dubstep chunes. I like drops that build back up, go to silence, change melodic or rhythmic structure, etc. I like not knowing what’s coming and not knowing what to expect either.

Mix you’re most proud of: It would have to be a tie between: “Baby Got Bass” — and “Bass Animale” — Personal playlist: I listen to all kinds of music besides EDM. The only genres I’m not a big fan of are extremely twangy, yodel like country and the new-age rap. I feel like the lyrics are all about how much money they make, and how much crack they can move. I try and listen to many different kinds and genres of music because i believe that you have to learn the past before you can make the future. You can find inspiration in the strangest places. Favorites would be blues/psychedelic rock (Incubus, Jimi Hendrix, etc.), jam bands (Toubab Krewe, Widespread Panic, etc.), and dubstep.

My gear: Hardware — Toshiba Satellite A665, Numark Total Control, Akai APC40, Yamaha MW12, and a Numark DJiO external sound card. Software—- Numark Cue, Abelton Live 8.1.2, FL Studio 9 XXL Producer Edition.

Website: I use Facebook to post events, pictures, and general info for what I’ve got going on. I post all mixes and songs on SoundCloud. I use YouTube just to tap into that large market. Ko/133092416746214,, I’d like to add: I’m available to play when and where ever and would love to bring the boom to cities all over! I appreciate ALL of my fans, friends, and family! Without them I’m just a guy enjoying mixing and producing in his bedroom. I don’t think fans realize how much THEY control the scene. THEY decide where you go in your career and I am truly thankful for them!