triad dj profile

by Ryan Snyder


DJ handle:

Sandworm Why I use it: In the movie Dune, the sandworms secrete a substance that expands consciousness. I want the music that I play to do the same, so therefore I took the name Sandworm.

Real name: Steven Bailey What I play: Liquid drum and bass Catch me at: Club Orion, Brewski’s Tavern and my kitchen.

Got in the game:

Just a couple of years ago Why I do it: I love the music, plain and simple.

Influences: Tru Pain, DJ Dara, Litch, Logistics, Crewless, Seba, Blu Mar Ten, Adam F, Aaron Underwood, Rawtekk First pro gig: Monday Mayhem at Brewski’s.

Studio work: Nothing yet, but soon Favorite technique: I’m into smooth transitions.

Signature mix: There’s not one yet; they can always be so much better.

Personal playlist: My own tunes. Favorite albums: DJ Dara — From Here to There, DJ Spooky — Under the Influence, Deftones — White Pony My gear: Two Stanton 3.24 CDJs, Behringer VMX 300, Old English 800 Website:

No tracks yet, but there will be.

I’d like to add: Titty Sprinkles.