triad dj profile

by Ryan Snyder

Real name: Ragib Jamal

DJ handle: DJ (RDJ)

Why I use it: First Name (“R”agib) Middle name (“D”ia) Last name (“J”amal)

What I play: House, electro, dubstep, hip hop and Top 40

Catch me at: I used to play a lot in Dubai before I came to the United States. Now, I play sets at Inferno, Syn and Sky, and now every Wednesday at Venue.

Upcoming shows: The Loft at Venue, and a pool party at the Province.

Got in the game: Three years ago

Why I do it: Because music is every thing to me.

First pro gig: Mix 2009 Studio work: I’m still working on it, but I’ll get there.

Signature mix:

Personal playlist: I listen to everything; it just depends on the situation.

Favorite albums: David Guetta — One Love

Equipment used: The basics, plus a lighting array.


I’d like to add: Follow me on Twitter @ DJ_RDJ.