triad dj profile

by Ryan Snyder


DJ handle: Mad Influence

What it means: Mad Influence was a name that derived from my live DJ sets because I was always playing multi-genre tunes for the masses, fusing hip hop, jungle, and house and breaks with garage, metal, etc.

Real name: J. Meyers

Catch me at: I play regularly at the Basement in Cornelius

Upcoming shows: Triad EDM and Hyperformula Music’s 420 Dance Party on Friday at Ten-0-One in Winston-Salem Got in the game: I’ve been a DJ and producer for more than 15 years.

Why I do it: I got really inspired by the drum n’ bass and jungle sounds and decided to buy turntables.

Influences: DJ Craze, Odi, DJ Swamp… just too many to list.

First pro gig: Back in 1996 with Electric Skychurch and John Kelly.

Studio work: I have a pretty full discography, all of which is available through my Facebook page.

Favorite technique: Doubling up the same tune and just having fun with the timing and sound of it.

Signature mix: I think my best mix to date is the most recent studio mix Beauty In The Beast.

Personal playlist: I listen to just about every kind of metal.

Favorite albums: There’s way too many to list, but anything from Wu Tang, Tool, the Korea and anything from Between the Buried and Me.

My gear: I use Technic 1200s, Pioneer CDJs, and a midi controller setup. I’m also well versed in Serato, Traktor and VDJ.

Website: Find me on Facebook!