triad dj profile

by Ryan Snyder


DJ handle: DJ Weapon X

What it means: It was given to me by my buddies that served alongside me in the military. I had a ton of Wolverine comics in my locker, so I kept it.

Full name: Lewis Lomba

What I play: Hip hop, R&B, dance music, Top 40, reggae, reggaeton

Upcoming shows: Every Thursday at Arizona Pete’s college night in Greensboro and every Saturday at Suede Nightclub in Rockingham.

Got in the game: When I was 13 years old.

Why I do it: I have the ability to move a crowd, and the vibe from the crowd is always insane. It’s the best for sure.

Influences: DJ Rukiz, Jazzy Jeff, Funkmaster Flex, Fred Da Great.

First pro gig: A house party in my hometown of Rhode Island when I was a teenager. I was crazy nervous.

Studio work: I did some tracks with Medley Records based out of North Carolina and Audio Records based out of Rhode Island, though I’m looking to work with more artists.

Favorite technique: Scratching and live blends.

Signature mix: Right now, it would have to be have to be my Biggie tribute blend.

Personal playlist: A little bit of everything; it keeps me well-rounded.

Favorite albums: The Black Album by Jay-Z is one of my favorite albums, hands down.

My gear: Two Stanton turntables, a Stanton mixer, Torq by M-Audio with built-in 16 sampler and a Macbook Pro


I’d like to add: Thanks to Chris Lee Photography in Lexington and all of my loyal followers, new and old.